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Hamburger Heaven/Smothered Hamburgers/Hamburger Steaks and Gravy

Heck if I can figure out what to call this old, old, OLD recipe of mine.  I got the original out a cookbook called “Typically Texas” collected by the Rural Electric Coo-op members published in the early ’70s.  It is … Continue reading

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Something cool!

Click on this link:   You will see, in real-time, a beautiful moonrise in New Zealand.  I tried the same idea using our cowkids on the hill as the silhouettes.  Not quite the same.  I did take a neat … Continue reading

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Sunny Sundays are THE best!

Today was unusually warm and sunny.  For January anyway.  I think the whole state was outside soaking up the sun.  I know we were. Just as soon as Big Boss aka Paw surfaced from his Sunday afternoon nap, kids started … Continue reading

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I finally figured it out!

No, I don’t have the cure for cancer. And I didn’t come up with a formula that will get children to pick up their toys WITHOUT being told to.  The secret to eliminating dust bunnies forever is still a secret. … Continue reading

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Mike and Paula’s Nanner Puddin’

Still cleaning out my draft file.  Amazing the stuff I’ve written the then stashed away.  For what, I don’t know.  Here’s one lost treasure: Disclaimer: I don’t eat banana pudding.  Never have. Never will.  The following recipes have been taste-tested … Continue reading

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Hobbit-forming vs Addiction

My mind, my mind. Oh how I miss it! When I saw the post about The Hobbit miniature on Frenz’s blog today, it reminded me that not only had I stashed the Mini Hobbit website away “somewhere” in my drafts but … Continue reading

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This is Fantastic

Originally posted on RAFrenzy:
To make the connection to Richard Armitage, please use your imagination, and when you see what has been done, it won’t be hard. Maddie Brindley has made a miniature of Bag End: An explanation and more…

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