Please pass the shovel

Big Boss took this Monday.

Big Boss took this Monday.

I’m sitting here in Texas where it’s drizzling and cloudy. While there is no sunshine, it’s also NOT 10 degrees and NOT snowing.

Wait.  I forgot to leave treats for the cowboys…



Dearest Big Boss,

I know you’re probably sitting at the house by the fire, sipping on some decaf…but I forgot to take extra blankies, hot chocolate and hay up to the cowkids on the hill.  They must be frozen.  And hungry.

While you’re out, you might grab the 28 gauge and take a couple of shots at the deer who are, as I type, munching on my precious peach trees.  In your spare time of course.  But then, everyone knows that farmers just sit around all winter.  And go to Hawaii.  And don’t pay their fair share of taxes.  Right?

Sorry.  A bit political but then….there ya go.

OK, so before I wax on, just letting you know that all is well Texas and I’ll be home soon to take my guard shift in the orchard/backyard/ front-yard.

And tell those cowkids they need to hurry up and get to where they’re going. It’s cold out there!! 🙂

Love and Kisses,
The Queen

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2 Responses to Please pass the shovel

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Glad you made it home okay! Thought of you several times today wondering if you did. Really enjoyed our visit!


  2. The Queen says:

    Home safe and sound! Still snow on the ground too…lots of it! I came in the back door way from Dallas and usually take dirt roads the last 20 or so miles. No way yesterday. Had to go thru Dodge, an extra 40 miles. It was good catching up! Need to do it again!


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