Birthdays R Us


I went to the grocery store today.  I was out of every conceivable cake decorating supplies known to mankind.  It was just time to go.  And besides, Hobby Lobby could use the support right?!!  🙂

It seems several of us wanted to show our support as it was a busy place!  I rambled through a couple of Christmas isles which were very, very sad.  With an 80% discount, the pickin’s were slim!  Moving on to the cake supply aisle, another lady and I studied the shelves intently.  She finally looked at me and said, “I have NO idea what I’m looking for!”  I laughed with “I know what I’m looking for, just not finding it.” She asked what was I doing so I explained that with 11 grandchildren, I kept busy making birthday cakes.  I thought she might faint. But she maintained her composure and then asked if I did wedding cakes.  I told her not any more.  I did my last one last spring!!!! I have enough cakes to keep up with during the year without adding more stress to my life!  🙂

The checkout lady and I had the same conversation.  Only she just shook her head when I mentioned the 11 grandchildren.  Don’t know if she didn’t believe me…OR was contemplating calling Al Gore to report me for over-populating the earth

And the Wally World check out lady quizzed me along the same lines as I handed her box after box of cake mixes.  Yes, I use cake mixes as my base then add all sorts of good stuff to make them BETTER!!

Anyway, yesterday was DiL #1’s birthday so I practiced on her.  I’ve had a hankering to try my hand at making pine cones. I had ordered a set of molds a while back for such but ended up making them following a YouTube vid.  Worked pretty good. I used melted chocolate, squirting out chocolate on parchment paper for each pine cone…errr, petal?, cooling them, then attaching them one at a time with more melted chocolate.  Took a little time but the mold method does too.  I’ll work on that method next.  Don’t hold your breath. 🙂


Also wanted to try a new impression mat.  I love these things.  They add SO much to a cake with minimal effort.  You just get a lot of bang for your buck.  Besides, they cover up a lot of boo-boos.


I delivered the cake to DiL’s place of work on my way to The Big City. The principal smilingly informed me that his birthday is tomorrow.  And he was sure someone else in the building would be having one the next day.  And the next.  Funny guy.  I do good to keep up with my bunch let alone the entire town!!

Next up is granddaughter Mal’s birthday.  It may be a winter white princess castle with tiny princesses standing all over the castle.  Or not.

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15 Responses to Birthdays R Us

  1. Melinda Strickland says:

    Beautiful cake! I have to tell you–I finally spent some extended time over the holidays organizing my recipes. It was interesting to see who all had contributed to my collection, and, without a doubt, I have more Ruff/King recipes than any other contributor! I found some I had not seen in years–even cooked the Dorito Casserole (with adjustments) while on Nana-duty with the grands (DIL had the flu). Thanks for all the help then and now!


  2. My birthday is this coming Thursday, the 10th. I’m partial to Carrot Cake. 😀
    Sorry, couldn’t resist putting in my order for a cake.
    An absolutely beautiful cake for your daughter in law.


  3. Connie says:

    Absolutely stunning! Your a master!


  4. The Queen says: know I was thinking…those tooth fairy pillows would make cute cakes????!!! 😀


  5. Fancy Nancy says:

    Absolutely Beautiful!!! So wish we lived closer to one another so I could see these in person! So glad to see you use mixes! I’ve always thought they taste great with imbellisment! Good enough for Sandra Lee! 🙂


  6. Dianne says:

    I love the blush on the rose but I’m sure I’d rather eat the pine cones.


  7. The Queen says:

    Do you gave any idea how hard it is to NOT lick the chocolate off your fingers while making these little ditties? Not to mention the spoon, the countertop and the bowl. 🙂


  8. that is a stunning cake, it’s beautiful. I bet you are a very popular grandma! x


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