Mystery jobs on the farm

I was going about my business as best I could. I had room full of bankers and cowboys meeting in the Hunter’s Dining Room. The dust had settled out there somewhat as the back door was no longer opening every 10 seconds with someone coming in for more papers, food, staplers or files. Phew!

My last cup of coffee was nearly finished as I got off the phone with a friend. While talking on the phone, I noticed a heavy layer of dust. Everywhere. “When WAS the last time I dusted anything?” I wondered to my lone self. Accckkk! I did not walk to the cleaning supplies. I ran. I mean what if someone came in at that very moment and I was caught with dust piles?!! Oh the shame of it all.

While dusting, I spied piles of music. Everywhere. Good grief. What a mess. So I laid the duster down and grabbed music books by the armload!!! Christmas goes here…church goes here…oh my gosh, what is my school song doing in this mess?…(Yes, BHS alumni, I have an ORIGINAL copy of the Alma Mater in Miss Mac’s handwriting!! I’ve been a packrat for many, many years, yes I have.)

As I stuffed the last pile of music book into my sheet music cabinet and tried to remember where the duster was, I heard an odd noise outside. What could it be I wondered. I walked to the north window, which overlooks the feedlot and saw a crane doing something at the feed mill. What in the world?

The feedlot grain mill and elevator.

The feedlot grain mill and elevator.

Ohhh, they’re changing the light bulb at the top of the elevator. No. Too much noise for that.

So I pick the phone and call BB who is now on a feedlot tour with the bankers and ask what’s going on.  It seems the mill needed repairs and today was THE day. Not a job I’d want standing at the top of a mill hoisted up by a crane thingy.

According to BB, chains have to be replaced, pipes updated, hoses switched, and all sorts of doodads needed to be checked.

See the 2 guys on top of the whole thing?!!!!

See the 2 guys on top of the whole thing?!!!! AND I just saw the guy going down steps.  Ackk! Not me!

Anyway, I finally finished what I started..which is this.  THIS is what I was doing when the phone rang while the meeting was going on and I was finishing off my coffee.  I can now scratch THIS off my list. Ta Da!!!  😀 Mystery solved!

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