PS on January In Kansas

Why I didn’t think of this when I was writing the “Typical Kansas January Morning” piece, I’ll never know.  The caption I wrote underneath the photo that Conner took has to do with an old family joke based on the Disney movie The Jungle Book.  Anytime my boys were with their friends, they’d all go, “What do you wanna do?” and then the race was on. 

To explain it all (yes we are a weird lot!) watch this vid if you’ve never sat down and done a play by play analyzation of The Jungle Book…fascinating stuff.  Really. My boys would howl every time they say this particular part of the movie.  Well, I must admit, I laughed right along with them.  We got to where we could do the whole scene perfectly and in unison with the vultures.  Nice to be one with vultures don’t you think?

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