Downton Abbey 101

Downton Abbey Season 3 Cast. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Downton Abbey Season 3 Cast. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Are you feeling lost and left out? Did you miss the first two seasons? *Gasp. You’re kidding right?!!!*

Or…do you live with a less-than-enthusiastic spouse who would rather have a root canal than sit down with you and actually watch Downton Abbey? Has said spouse indicated they might cave and at least try it. But…how will you get them caught up?

Or…did you miss last week’s episode? The wedding? The indecisions? Most importantly, the hats???

Or…are you trying to wholeheartedly to educate, cultivate and motivate your best friend? Does he or she need some enticement in order to lure them into the Post World War I high brow English society aka Downton Abbey? Do they have no appreciation for high tea? Have they ever heard of the notion of appearing at dinner/supper wearing evening clothes? Would they know which course should be served after the soup? Is it possible that your dear uninformed friend might consider it less than shocking that the Lord’s daughter has run off with the footman? Or worse, do they think it’s DownTOWN Abbey?   Horrors above!!

These and other notable issues are all addressed in the aforementioned BBC series, airing on Sunday nights. Most importantly, what IS done and what ISN’T done are discussed frequently amongst the inhabitants of Downton Abbey.

May I suggest you need Brant Hansen to get you and/or your people up to speed?  Who is Brant?  All I can tell you is: he’s a Christian talk show host on Air 1, has a blog and I’ve been following him on Facebook for a while.  Love his sense of humor! So let’s just let sit back and relax and let Brant Hansen video do the talking!

Don’t want to watch “Downton Abbey” because it’s too long, or you just don’t like it? NO PROBLEM. I made this awesome 1-minute recap on my iPad. It captures all the drama, but leaves you with free time to do other stuff. You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to Downton Abbey 101

  1. grammyjj says:

    Lucy here, somehow I’m thinking that Ms. Ethel is aiming paragraph #4 straight at yours truly! She’s dedicated, that one – but culture-izing me isn’t going to come easy!! However – I can keep up with Downtown Abby if she keeps sending video updates like this one! Thank you my friend for taking care of educating me!!


  2. The Queen says:

    Why how perceptive of you! I try my best. *sigh* but sometimes I think it’s an uphill battle with BB and you!! 🙂


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