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Thank you, Mary Carol!!!

Thank you, Mary Carol!!!

It all started with a rock house.  Once we got it built…and once we moved in, I discovered I had a weak spot.  I had NO idea how to decorate the mantel.  Small problem, true.  And one that I pretty much ignored for years.  But I always agonized over it, especially at Christmas.

I tried all sorts of things, styles, objects, themes…nothing looked right.  I just was no good at this particular department of interior design.

In walked a friend…Lea Ann.  She had discovered a wonderful designer and shop owner.  The only problem was, her shop was waaaaaay EAST.  I mean REALLY far away.  Atchison was the name of the town and Nell Hill’s/Mary Carol was the designer gal.

It took me five years to get there, but I did with Big Boss’s help and driving.  I was blown away!  Mainly because of the crowds there.  You literally had to wait in line to get in.  I wasn’t sure it was worth that.  But I decided to give it 30 minutes for a trial time.  If after that I wasn’t getting anywhere, I was leaving.  Little did I know that I had the sad misfortune of visiting Nell Hill’s on her Christmas Open House Day.  Duh!  Who knew?  Obviously not me!!!

About 2 hours later, I emerged from the store to wake BB up from his truck nap and tell him I was headed for her OTHER store?  With a fast roll of the eyes, he snuggled right down into the truck seat and napped a while longer.  Bless his heart. And to his credit, he’s taken back.  Yeah, he takes lots of naps!  🙂

All this is to say I’m a huge Nell Hill fan and blog fan.  If you have a limited budget for home decor, no problem.  Just go to her site for ideas and I’m betting you’ll have things sitting around and/or boxed up that you can use.  You don’t HAVE to run out and buy everything in Hobby Lobby!! 

Photo courtesy of Nell Hill's blog.

Photo courtesy of Nell Hill’s blog.

One of my favorite blog pieces from Nell Hill’s is here.  While you’re there search her blog  on whatever area of your home needs updating, changed, rearranged, refreshed by typing in, oh say, “kitchen cabinets” and the calvary/help will be on the way!

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