I’m on a Downton Abbey jag….

Maggie contemplating her next zing.  Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Maggie contemplating her next zing. Photo courtesy of Google Images.

I had forgotten these Downton Abbey jewels. (The one below..) And I must make a confession.  I adore Maggie Smith.  Have I said that before?

I consider her to be one the finest actresses of the day.  The woman doesn’t open her mouth on this series without throwing me into hysterics.

Maggie reminds me of the sweeter than sweet tea Southern ladies I grew up with.  They weren’t stinkin’ rich like Mags but they could pour it on without you realizing that they had just set you straight and the rest of the world right along with it.  You know the ones…they always end every sentence with a “Bless her/his heart.” and you know that the “blessed ones” are doomed in “blesser’s” eyes. 

“Well, that is such a nice dress, bless her heart.”, which means, “where did she get that drop dead awful rag?” or “Oh that’s the engagement ring he picked out, bless his heart.” which means, “Where did he get that?  In a Cracker Jack box?”.

Mags would’ve been a great Belle!  She would’ve kept everyone on their toes and on full alert every time she walked into a room.  Which is pretty much what she does on DA.  Everyone braces themselves when Granny makes a grand entrance. The entire room doesn’t breathe until she’s finished her latest observations on the Way Things Should Be Done.

Here’s a collection of Granny’s finest moments on Season 1.  Some of the clips you might not quite get….bless you heart…if you haven’t seen the full context of the scene.  But then, you might!!  Enjoy!! It will take just a few seconds to load and then you’re OFF!  And there is a link to Season 2 Maggie Moments on the screen so you can entertain yourself further.  Just think…you can watch Maggie instead of that Bieber kid or the latest political speech. 

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2 Responses to I’m on a Downton Abbey jag….

  1. Katie says:

    I love her, too. In fact, as I think of everything I’ve ever seen her in…love it, love it, love it….

    And you are spot on. She would have been a great Southern Belle, bless her heart. The old aunt on the porch in her rocker who every adult is terrified of and every child adores (for her honesty, of course).


  2. The Queen says:

    Her scenes in Sunday’s latest ep were amazing! Granny was superb in a vast array of emotions. I’m finding Lady Grantham more and more irritating tho…something about her mouth? And always so …what is it. Simpering? Restrained? Not sure…but Shirley McClaine’s version of her mother wasn’t believable at all. To me. Could a mother and daughter be MORE opposite?

    Glad you stopped by! Maggie Rules!


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