Crazy Busy Monday

No excuses other than I’m doing jobs I’ve been putting off.  You know the ones.

Cleaning toilets.

Putting that sticky stuff in to keep toilets clean inside.

Vacuuming under beds.

Cleaning out bookshelves. (Watch out DiLs…boxes are loaded and ready to come to your houses!!!!)

Cleaning out desk drawers.

Dusting everything in sight.  *cough* *sniff* *sneeze*

Discovering lost stuff!!

Thinking about Downton Abbey’s latest episode.

This is bugging me.  How did our two lovebirds Mary and Matthew go from a wedding ceremony to bickering over silly things so fast to cold disdain?  Not only did we NOT get to see the wedding in its entirety, but no reception, no cake, no honeymoon…just straight from the church to coming home in new wheels and then arguments. About money. Ick.  I wanted some romance.  Just a little??!

And who knew Lord Grantham was so inept with the charge of his estate?  But he redeemed himself somewhat with his explosive reaction to his pregnant daughter’s plight?  And did it bother anyone else that Matthew seems so frightened of his father-in-law and wife’s reaction to his discovery of financial woes concerning the estate?  I keep wanting him to jump in with numbers in hand and say “Wake up people!  We’re overspending like crazy!  Something has to give.” 

Wait.  That sounds eerily familiar yes?  Which is why I’ve been cleaning and not glued to the TV for second by second coverage of the day’s events in Washington.

Enough of that…back to cleaning.  Oven is on auto clean, Big Boss is at the gym with potential dribblers and I’m headed for the basement.  Finally.  Been putting it off as long as I can.  Major MAJOR sorting waiting for me.  Purging would be a better description.  Ack!

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