Shades of Blue

A blogging friend did a beautiful blog the other day about the blues she uses in her home…blue dishes, blue paint, blue fabrics…and of course the blues that surround her seaside home in Tasmania.

It got me to thinking about the blues in our home.  There is lots of it, that’s for sure.  And my closet is almost as blue.  Since childhood, blue has been my color of choice and that hasn’t changed.

Nine times out of ten, I pick blue. Hardly ever red, sometimes burgandy, wine or maroon. Often browns are favored but only browns that will enhance the blues! 


Funky pottery from the 70’s and Moon and Star glassware, also hailing from the 70’s…wedding gifts. Do you have any idea how brave one must be to photograph the TOPS of their cabinets?!!!  Eeek!

Blue dishes are My One Weakness.  I find it hard, yea, impossible to walk through an antique store with blue dishes and not stop to at least admire them.  I’m pretty much past the point of having to have the blue soup dish because it’s blue or pretty or simply, because I want it.  I just wait and hope that someone will get it for me!!  🙂 

Blue saltglaze is a particular favorite and flow blue china is another.  And anything with a bluebonnet on it catches my eye in  a millisecond!  Case in point.

A half of a salt-glaze pitcher, rejoined, sort of.

A half of a salt-glaze pitcher, rejoined, sort of.

This pieces of this previous cream pitcher or cold water pitcher was found on my great-grandparents’ graves a few years back.  My mom and I were at the cemetery taking bluebonnet pics and started finding bits of blue here and there.  I gathered them up and got this much put back together!  I’d like to think the pitcher belonged to my great-grandma but there’s no way of knowing for sure who it belonged to.  The real question is, why hadn’t we noticed it before?  We suspect rains had washed them up?!!

Mrs. LIveley's teapot.

Mrs. Liveley’s teapot.

And then there’s the teensy teapot my mother gave to me.  It belonged to a sweet old couple who lived next to my parent’s home in the country.  They had lived there all lives as far as any of us know and had been my closest neighbors right after Big Boss and I married and moved our mobile home out on the place.  (Background, my dad bought the place for his mom and dad after WWII with his Marine paycheck.  When they were gone, a great-aunt and uncle lived there. Then BB and I moved out there and later, my parents built a home on the same spot that my daddy’s mom and dad’s home had sat. The Liveley’s became their best next-door neighbors.  Our boys loved to go visit them when they were at their grandparent’s house, usually coming home with some Mrs. Liveley’s cookies!  When their estate was being finalized, the heirs asked Mother to come over and pick out some dishes.  The little teapot was one of her favorites so she chose it and then gave to me.  It’s a one cupper!  It’s been broken sometime in  the past, but I don’t care.  I love it!


Plus I love Dutch windmills.  Especially if they’re blue! I found this in an antique store and couldn’t resist.  It’s sitting in front of a salt-glaze pitcher that Mother gave me and also a blue bisquit jar, next to a flow blue covered dish that a son gave me when he was in college and a Christmas dish of my mother-in-law’s…oh, and some bluebonnets are peeking out the left corner that decorate a toothpick holder.

I started taking pics of the blue stuff that’s just in my kitchen and dining room.  I had NO idea there was so MUCH!  Prue…we’re both bluefliccted I fear!!

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2 Responses to Shades of Blue

  1. prue batten says:

    Love it. For me blue and sandy/taupe are the colours of my life.
    And I also have to take myself in hand because as I was writing the next part of Gisborne: Book of Knights today, I realised that once again, Gisborne had provided Ysabel with a blue bliaut and I wondered if anyone would mind.


    • The Queen says:

      Mind? MIND????!! R. U. Crazy?!! Gisborne has impeccable taste. That’s why we love him so….

      So, are you ready for more blue. I can do blue posts till the cows come home!! 🙂


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