Hawaii Blues/Mandatory Trip Report


Is this the most gorgeous shade of blue you ever saw?!!!  And I took the picture!!  I know.  I’m no Clark Little.  Go ahead and say it.  I know you’re thinking it.

Background…we were in Hawaii.  The Big Island to be exact.  It was 2005 and Big Boss and I were ecstatic! We were finally getting the opportunity to explore the Pacific Ocean. Sort of.  It was possible because most of the expenses were paid for, even the rental car/Jeep.  We were traveling with some hometown friends and were pumped  and anticipating fabulous times.

The trip over was rough for me as I was coming off knee surgery about 4 months earlier and the night before we were to fly out of Denver, I got some kind of bug.  We were pretty sure that it was food poisoning.  Backing up further, that night before departure, BB took me to see the newly released “Phantom of the Opera”!!!  I was so excited to finally SEE the story for real.  About halfway through the movie, I didn’t feel quite right and by the time we left the theater, I was getting worse by the minute.  Around 3 am, I woke BB up while making my 6th trip to ladies room and he told me we were going to have to call the trip officials and cancel.  In my delirium, I grabbed him by his ears and told him very firmly, we WERE going if I had to crawl into the dadburned plane.  Period.  This was different from the usual upchucking virus and I was pretty sure it was “something I ate”. 

You know the “crawl” thing? Almost had to do it.  If BB hadn’t been the he-man that he is, crawling was my next option.  I was going to Hawaii and nobody was stopping me! Once on the plane, I felt better and had only one “episode”! 🙂

Aren’t you glad I’m telling you all of this?!!

Anyway, this trip meant a lot to us.  You’re getting that picture right? So, after hours of flying, we get to this fancy schmancy hotel where BB drags me to our room and throws my pitiful body onto the closest bed. 

And I don’t move for the next 12 hours.

Yeah, I’m in beautiful Hawaii with bazillions of Things To Do and SEE and I can’t move. Very frustrating. BB hangs in there with me and brings me a $24 bowl of chicken noodle soup and some Sprite around the 14th hour of my incapacitation.  That helped loads!  And by the second day of inhabiting the lovely tropical island, I am up and moving.  Slowly.  But I’ve missed the opening ceremonies, a fab banquet, meeting loads of other farmers as awe-struck as we are…yeah, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Our friends (the wife is a retired nurse) checked on me but I didn’t want them to cancel plans that we had made, so they departed for fun in the sun. Without ME.  Feeling even sorrier for self. But then I’m  one of those folks who, when sick, just “vant to be alone”. As in, let me crawl in a hole and please, shut the door cause I don’t want to talk, visit or think.


At an outdoor dinner complete with orchids dropped on us from helicopters and native dancers from various Polynesian islands. And fire dancers. Big Boss was literally holding me up.

But the Lord made it all better when I finally got OUT around the 4th day of the trip.  We decided to take a whale cruise off the Golden Coast of Hawaii.  Of course, making certain there were “facilities” aboard, just in case.  Sigh. Once we got out a mile or so, all was well.  I had worried that sea sickness would then slam its blue fist into my face, but no, I was fine!

With camera in hand I was clicking away while listening to the guide explain the life cycle of the whales, their seasonal migrations…and yes, the whale just swam under the boat.  Gulp.  And said whale popped up on the other side of the boat and the guide said “Wait!  Watch!  He’s going to dive down and then you’ll see a footprint!”

Huh?  A footprint? On the water?  This guy had obviously been hitting the Kahula stuff a bit too often?  Nope.  “The drag of his tail will create an underwater ‘funnel/vortex’ and will leave a circular footprint on top of the water.” 

Sure enough.  There it was. A round and almost smooth whale footprint!! In blue water. With a blue sky above. God is good!!!!

 I took one shot of it and the above photo is the result.  Just one.  It may the best timed pic I ever took.  The footprints will last as long as a minute, which gave me the time to get set up and steady. 

Not sure which was the best of the boat trip…seeing those mighty whale spouts in the distance or the footprints up close and personal.

Reminded me of something my Daddy always said when we were fishing or camping.  “Don’t leave anything behind but your footprints.”

The whales even take care of that! I want to go back…


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2 Responses to Hawaii Blues/Mandatory Trip Report

  1. Dianne says:

    Hawaii is a favorite of ours too. I broke my ankle on the first morning if our first trip and limped around on it for the duration. I was sure it was just a sprain. The bright side, Tommy took me back so I could really enjoy Hawaii. We’ve been several times now because it is a place that makes you let go of business and relax. I needed that before I retired. We’ve only been once since retirement, in February, and we went through a tsunami warning that turned out to be no problem.


    • The Queen says:

      So glad you got to go back. One of our classmates has a condo in Kaua’i and has offered it to us. Now to rake up the pennies for the plane ticket!! Did you fly over the volcanoes? Did you see a footprint? Or a whale?


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