Hobbit-forming vs Addiction

My mind, my mind. Oh how I miss it!

When I saw the post about The Hobbit miniature on Frenz’s blog today, it reminded me that not only had I stashed the Mini Hobbit website away “somewhere” in my drafts but I had more stuff there. 

Nothing earth-shattering but interesting.  To me anyway.

But…Let’s see where have we been thus far:

Hobbit art

Hobbit music

Hobbit quilts

Hobbit cakes

Hobbits and book binding

So are you ready for the Hobbit House of Montana?  Ah HA!!  Gotcha on that one didn’t I?  And this place has been around a good while!

Go to their website and check out the accommodations.  And there are tons of great photos also!  The next time you’re passing through Montana, you’ll know exactly who to call for a room.  If you’re a Hobbit geek/freak/nerd, that is!  🙂

This is what I wrote last July.  And then promptly forgot about it:

By now, you have caught on to the notion that I am anxiously awaiting the advent of The Hobbit movie. You have, haven’t you?! In the midst of the constant whirl here at the farm, I find more Hobbity things everyday. Today, a Texas friend sent me an email mentioning something Hobbity. Like a true geek, I began searching out her information and sure nuff…there it was…the Hobbit House in Montana!

All photos courtesy of The Hobbit House of Montana

Hobbity garden sculptures!

Elf castle in Elf Village!

Hobbity murals

The view from the loft.

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4 Responses to Hobbit-forming vs Addiction

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Not much of a hobbit fan, but this looks like a fun, charming place to stay!


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