I finally figured it out!

No, I don’t have the cure for cancer. And I didn’t come up with a formula that will get children to pick up their toys WITHOUT being told to.  The secret to eliminating dust bunnies forever is still a secret.

BUT….I finally figured out who this guy looks like.  I was going through blog photos that I haven’t used and found this from my NYC trip.  You know the trip where I was one inch away from having my nose implanted into the sidewalk? !!  LOL! Frenz got some of The Hobbit guys on film/vid and I was able to cap some of them.  This one was tough because he moved FAST!  The vid was about 4 seconds long. Blink and he was gone!

I kept thinking “This guy resembles someone, but WHO?!”.  This is the kind of thing that bugs me.  You too?  You just can’t quite place who it is but somehow…

And in the middle of washing dishes, nearly 2 months later, it hit me. I KNOW!! 

Hawaii 5-0’s Scott Caan. 

My cap from Frenz's vid on my iPad.  How's that for credits?!  #teamwork

Dean O’Gorman aka Fili at the NYC premiere of The Hobbit.  My cap from Frenz’s vid on my iPad. How’s that for credits?! #teamwork

Now I can sleep.  Mystery solved. You can now go back to your regularly scheduled program. 

Yes, my mind goes in strange directions but I can think about important stuff now. Like where I put that bracelet that I got my Senior year in high school and how DO you make a carrying case for an American Doll…5 of them to be exact?  And why I can’t seem to remember if there are 2 Cs and 2 S’s in success? Or is it sucess? Or succes?  While we’re at it, why is it that the postlady always seems to catch me in my jammies?  Also, why does the printer always run out of ink when BB needs something really, really important printed out really, really fast? These and other mysteries will be solved one day….

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4 Responses to I finally figured it out!

  1. Thanks for the giggle – loved it!


  2. Kitty says:

    About 2.75 inches more chin and I would be inclined to agree w/ you.
    And have I mentioned befor that nott being abel to speel is a sing of genious?


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