Sunny Sundays are THE best!

mols and PawToday was unusually warm and sunny.  For January anyway.  I think the whole state was outside soaking up the sun.  I know we were.

Just as soon as Big Boss aka Paw surfaced from his Sunday afternoon nap, kids started showing up.  First the girls, then boys. The boys had been stomping all over the farm since they finished lunch, I think.  They must have heard the girls playing outside as it didn’t take them long to show up too!

Dogs followed them over so they chased the dogs and each other.  Until they decided they were hungry.  I was ahead of them this time! For once.  I had banana bread out, chips at the ready and Crystal Light poured up.  And it was nice enough for us to snack outside in the sun.

Three or four of the grands had already asked if we could go up into the hills…this is their favorite activity. Finally, I said that if Paw said it was ok, then book the cruise.  And of course, Paw said it was OK.  He’s a total pushover, unlike Meemaw!

Morg and Paw

Yep, she was one happy camper. Her shirt tail was loaded with rocks!

Kody catchin up

So we all…all 12 of us headed south, up the rocks, down into the draw and up again to the top of Pikes Peak.  Yeah, we have our own version here in western KS.  Maybe not quite as tall as the Real Thing, but it’s a heck of a sledding hill.  Once you get on top of it, it feels nearly as tall as the Colorado version!

I remember the first time I stood on top of that hill, with sled in hand.  It was my first sledding experience and man, did that hill seem steep looking down at where I hoped I would land.  In one piece.  For a Texas girl, that was ONE fabulous experience.  I was hooked the second I brushed off the snow and scrambled up that MOUNTAIN again!!

its ok she's my cousin!

And there were treasures to behold…diamonds in them there hills!  Isinglass to be exact but diamonds to a youngun’s eyes! We must have hauled back a ton of them.  With me carrying the lion’s share as Paw had one grand on his shoulders and the others had their own loads.  My bum knee finally forced me to leave behind some of the diamonds…all in a nice pile close to the fence so we can retrieve them later. (Made me think of the pioneers crossing the plains and having to leave behind many of their belongings once they met the Mighty Rockies face to face and realized they couldn’t lug all their things over the mountains!)  That extra 10 lbs of weight wasn’t doing my joints any good.  Note to self: rev up the knee exercises a bit.

Now they’re all tucked away snug in their beds and mine is calling my name!  🙂

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7 Responses to Sunny Sundays are THE best!

  1. I’m so glad I started my work day by reading this post. It’s put a smile on my face and memories of tobogganing as a child in Newfoundland are dancing in my mind. Thanks. Have a great day!


  2. I’m so glad your grandchildren live close! Makes it so nice for them to drop by.


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