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Another Precioussss. And still not blue.

When all of this genealogy preoccupation (Big Boss calls it a disease.) hit, it hit hard.  But it wasn’t my fault.  Actually, the blame should fall solidly on the shoulders of BB’s ancestors.  They wrote autobiographies. They kept records. They … Continue reading

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Anniversaries, Doorframes and Giraffes

I was playing with our newest grand, sweet Madi yesterday afternoon.  We were in the floor talking about the cute giraffe than hung off the side of her carrier.  She was reaching for him but couldn’t quite get the eye-hand coordination thing … Continue reading

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My Precioussssss (not blue)

Years ago, my mother mentioned an old pitcher that came from my dad’s side of the family.  She said she needed to get it out someday.  Years later, she got it out.  It seems my great Aunt Vera had given it to … Continue reading

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Shades of Blue

A blogging friend did a beautiful blog the other day about the blues she uses in her home…blue dishes, blue paint, blue fabrics…and of course the blues that surround her seaside home in Tasmania. It got me to thinking about … Continue reading

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Crazy Busy Monday

No excuses other than I’m doing jobs I’ve been putting off.  You know the ones. Cleaning toilets. Putting that sticky stuff in to keep toilets clean inside. Vacuuming under beds. Cleaning out bookshelves. (Watch out DiLs…boxes are loaded and ready … Continue reading

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“Noteable” Wednesday ♪♪

Big Boss and I met on the campus of a teeny tiny Southern Baptist college in my hometown…not Baylor! 🙂 Howard Payne College boasted that it was a school where everyone knew everyone and that was pretty much a fact.  The … Continue reading

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I’m on a Downton Abbey jag….

I had forgotten these Downton Abbey jewels. (The one below..) And I must make a confession.  I adore Maggie Smith.  Have I said that before? I consider her to be one the finest actresses of the day.  The woman doesn’t open her … Continue reading

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Season 3 Ep. 2…the wait is over

Yep, Brant just put his latest recap up of Downton Abbey…ok, I just typed Cownton Abbey first.  Just being honest.  But it does give me an idea…  

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Art Appreciation 101 Continues…

So, we’ve talked about Chihuly’s blown glass art, as featured here. One of these days, I WILL get to see his displays at the Dallas Arboretum!? And textile art has been discussed several times on this blog: here, here and here … Continue reading

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One of my Favorite Blogs

It all started with a rock house.  Once we got it built…and once we moved in, I discovered I had a weak spot.  I had NO idea how to decorate the mantel.  Small problem, true.  And one that I pretty … Continue reading

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