God Made a Farmer

Was that a great commercial that Dodge put out or what??!!!!

On that note, I give you our team here at Ruff Farms.  This morning at 7:00 am, Big Boss and I fixed breakfast for these guys in appreciation of all their hard work.  Some of these guys have been with us for 30+ years.  What they do to keep this place running is amazing and most folks wouldn’t believe me if I laid it all out on the line.  Trust me.  They work hard, long hours.


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7 Responses to God Made a Farmer

  1. ChristyB says:

    I loved that commercial and of course thought of you all when I watched it! Yummy breakfast! I”m sure it was much appreciated by all!


  2. bitsy says:

    as soon as this ended I said. I know that farmer! his wife, sons and assorted others. trying to convince them the plains of Kansas is the go to vacation spot of all the “IN” crowd. these NYC Yanks didn’t get it. though the chef wants to know how to get some of your beef. LOL


    • The Queen says:

      LOL!! OH sure. The chef wants the beef but not the trip to fetch it! Yeah, I’m thinking those Yanks might be a tad bored around here! Oh how I wish you’d come tho!!!!!!


      • bitsy says:

        oh Mud. be careful what you wish for. there may just be a knock knock and a bushel full of jersey on your door before you know it. the chef is an out of work army reserve chef so I’d be watching for him too. HMMMMMM ROAD TRIP!


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