Media Goes Blue, Nothing New

I just read Del Tackett’s blog post on our “Blue Media”.  Lots of food for thought, to say the least.  He points out the media that exists in our country…perhaps, world today and how it is changing the winds of history…history of our past as a nation and the future history of our nation/world.

How can we be so swayed by the obvious attempts to camouflage the Truth?

How can we be so swayed by Hollywood and it’s ilk?

Why is one politician’s viewpoint SO right that we should listen to and heed his opinion? And have it thrown in our faces time and time again by a lifetime politician/actor/latest media hero?

Why can a nationally known newsperson all but crucify a president on national TV and not an eyelash is batted?

Why can one president stumble while walking off Airforce 1 throwing an entire industry into rippling finger-pointing hysterics but another president’s wife can display questionable behavior in the nation’s eye and nary an anchorman blinks?

What is this “blueing of our media”?  Oh it’s being  and has been (for a long time) discussed in conservative blogs, tweets, websites, radio programs.  But the question is, when will the gullible, low-information folks catch on that they’re being played.  Right into anarchy. What will the historians say of our Information Age that refuses to recognize real information placed right before its blind eyes?

Yes, I’m going all philosophical  and will probably be accused of being political.  Maybe but I’m really fed up with the whole lot…Dems and Reps…neither suits me.  And they’re not that much different anymore.

Like Del says, it’s the “Why” of our willingly ignorance.  Why do we not care that the morals and mores of our society are crumbling before our blue tinted pleasure-seeking eyes? Where is the indignation that all we know and love is being ripped apart and from us?

Those are the real questions.  Why.

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