From my window


9 AM today



Everyone spent yesterday preparing for a major winter storm.  Forecasts were all over the place…ice, sleet, snow, rain…6″ or maybe 10″ but likely 12-15″.  So far, we’ve had around 8″??? The snow is drifting pretty hard so it’s difficult to tell.


Interesting how the snow clings to the rocks on our home.


That’s my woodpile. I need wood. I am NOT going out there. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow….

Anyway, that makes it a good Chicken and Noodle day with a nice hot cup of fresh coffee!!  I have 2 small roasts thawing so I can pop them in the oven next for Beef Soup tomorrow. Or maybe tonight.

While that is cooking, I’m headed downstairs to purge some more!!! Can I get an “amen” for purging?!!  I took 3 huge trash bags of clothing to the New Hope Center in Dodge City…I’m done with my usual “used clothing” store after reading reports on their financial goings on, so New Hope it was!  Next time the Salvation Army will be on my stop list…haven’t been there in while!  But for now, I’m caught up on cleaning out clothes.

I have 3 piles in the playroom of “stuff” for each of the boys.  I know their wives are going to be thrilled.  Ahem.  Fixed up 3 sacks of old books the other day…mostly books from the boys’ great-grandparents…and great-great and a couple of great-great-great!!!

Once I get their boxes of “stuff” piled up, photos are next on the list.  Ye gads do I have photos!


THIS is where I need to be. Warm. Cozy. Sleepy. There’s just something about a good fire roaring in the fireplace!! 🙂

Or maybe I’ll just take a nap while watching the snow pile up outside the window…

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4 Responses to From my window

  1. prue batten says:

    Meanwhile, I’m in shorts and have just walked along the beach. Made a Rocky road slice for the men and picked the last of the summer fruit and veg. Funny old world, isn’t it?


    • The Queen says:

      There you go braggin’ again! Rocky Road slice???!! Sounds intriguing! Thought I was going to have extra tonight…BB called and said he wasn’t sure if the cowboys could get home and if they did, might not be able to get here in the AM. They decided to risk it. After all, I’m backup in these situations. Sort of. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work!!!


  2. Kitty says:

    Ohhh, lovely snow. I want snow. We had a little on Saturday but I was painting my BR & only saw it briefly when it was falling – it didn’t stick. I sent the weatherman a detailed request asking for snow. Twice. He hasn’t seen fit to grant my request though – maybe he just hasn’t checked his FB page. Stay warm. Happy purging.


    • The Queen says:

      Industrious aren’t we?! 🙂 I need to do some painting. Later. Supposed to be really cold again today but I can see melting snow coming off my east porch. Better get outside and get my photo session started!!!?


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