Getting your pigs in a row!

Update: A Halloween version of this cake can be found HERE!

Update: The Easter cake mentioned at the end of this post can be found HERE.

In case you’ve missed the talk of the “cake community” on Facebook, here ya go!

Photo courtesy of Taartjes on Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Taartjes on Facebook.

The recipe was given at the Taartjes Facebook page, but in Dutch. Thankfully, some kind soul translated it. Using gram language. Thankfully, there are converter charts in cyberspace. I’ve copied in the recipe exactly as given and my notes are in bold.


– anglecake of 8 inches high (I “think” she means 2-8″ layers of cake..however tall a Kit Kat is. Don’t have one around to measure. Just as long as the Kit Kats are taller than the cake re: the photo.)
– 200 grams of milk chocolate (chips) 7 ozs.
– 250 ml whipping cream 1 cup + a tad
– cake filling (strawberryjam/cream cheese/butter cream/pastry cream/or anything else you like)
– 3 x five-pack KitKat (Total of 15 Kit Kats. More will be needed it you choose to do a 9″ or 10″ cake.)
– 250 grams of light pink marsepain  1 cup + a tad of marzipan, fondant or gumpaste for the piggies
… – big knife
– sate scewer (for piggies eyes) Toothpick!
– ribbon
– flat plate or serving board to present your cake on

Make your piggies, I don’t have a tutorial for them, it’s just like playing with playdough at school. (She’s right about this. Just try it!!! Go to your craft store and buy a package of pastel fondant, use the pink then bring me what’s leftover. Unless you get bitten by the cake decorating bug! Also, be sure you make them a day ahead so they have time to harden a bit.)

So now for the ganache part/the mud…if this confuses you, get a recipe out of your best cookbook and use it. Ganache really is really really really simple!
Pour the cream into a saucepan on your stove on low heat.
Keep stirring, it’s not allowed to boil.
Meanwhile open you bag of choc chips, or if you’ve bought the real chocolate, break the bars into pieces.
When almost boiling, turn of the heat.
Add the chocolate to the hot cream, stir well untill all chocolate has melted.
Let it cool down and get thicker, stirring every now and then, this might take some time.

Personally, I hate angelfood cake…a nice rich chocolate cake would be my choice but whatever floats your boat! Also, torting the cake layers makes an unbelievably rich cake! Cut the anglecake in two or three layers, spread your favorite filling on the bottom and put the two pieces together again.

Leave the cake on your plate or serving board, as it’s messy to spread the sides.

Break the kitkats into 2 pieces. (Cutting the candy bars apart might be the best method on this?)

Have a look at the chocolate mixture, if it’s as thick as custard pudding, you can use it to spread the sides of the cake with it.
You can use the back of a knife to do that, or if you have one of those fancy spatula’s that would work even better.

Once you’ve spread the sides of the cake with the chocolate mixture, you can stick the kitkat’s on.This can be very tricky, as the kitkat’s won’t stick on properly yet, so they might fall over every now and then.

You could try to have them lean against the cake a little, once the whole cake is covered with kitkat’s, you tie the ribbon around it and pul them all nice and tight against the cake.

You can now pour the rest of the chocolate on top of the cake, do keep in mind that if it’s still too runny, it will run in between the kitkat’s, make sure it’s not too runny still!

Next you put the piggies into there bath and let it all cool down in the fridge.

After an hour you can transfer your cake onto a nice plate and serve it to your guests or family. Enjoy! (This part will work because the chocolate has cooled and firmed up. Just run your spatula under the cake, pop it up and move to the plate!)

Even if you don’t want to mess with the piggies, you could put strawberries in the middle of the cake all piled up high! OR…Reece’s Peanut Butter cups…the individaul ones. OR…chocolate malt balls OR bonbons OR M&Ms!!!!!!!!!!! Mud ducks would work too. Or make white chocolate ganache, tint blue for water and add ducks, frogs, fish…KIDS!!! In other words, use your imagination!!

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68 Responses to Getting your pigs in a row!

  1. Thank you for doing this – I’ve been drooling since I saw the photo and wondered how to make it! Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow….


  2. teddyhuffman says:

    Reblogged this on TheSchnatterBlog and commented:
    geile Idee


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  4. Gerhard Rehak says:

    What is “anglecake” i did not found it in so please explain…



    • The Queen says:

      Angel food cake, here in the US, is white cake using egg whites as the leavening agent. It’s very light and has less sugar than most cakes. Diabetics usually can eat this cake because of that. Try this link; There are photos there that will be helpful. Good luck!! PS: the translator termed the cake as “anglecake” from the original recipe which was in Dutch…I think. You might go to creator’s Facebook page to post this question and perhaps get a better explantion. The great thing is…you can use any recipe to make this cake!! Thanks for the visit!!


    • Dixie Stine says:

      You can buy premade angel food cakes at a bakery or in your grocery store deli. 🙂


  5. Fancy Nancy says:

    May never make this, (even though I think i could do it) but so nice to have the translation. Thanks! 🙂


  6. Nibbles says:

    In reference to the “angel cake 8 inches high,” it really means angel food cake at 8 inches in height (with the proper pan, the cake can rise to 8 inches in height and either have a hollow center or filled)


  7. medazi says:

    Fantastic… thaaanks


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  9. rainb0wbubbles says:

    This is fantastic! So glad I stumbled on your blog!


  10. Why not tie a rubber band (one of those to hold trousers with) softly around the cake and stick the kitkats under it, so they won’t topple over?.


    • The Queen says:

      I think that the easiest way to insure that the Kit Kats stick to a soft icing, such as buttercream, is to dab a bit of the buttercream on the back of the candy. Once you get all of them on the cake, tie a ribbon around them for a nice, decorative touch and to make sure the candy stay put. If you use the ganache to ice the entire cake, I would use the same technique but would refrigerate the cake first for around an hour so the icing surface would be firm enough to add the candy. I’ve also had good success adhering decorations to cakes using melted chocolate, royal icing and clear piping gel. Which one I use depends on the weather, the type of icing, and the weight of the decorations.

      I have used a variation of the technique you mention when stenciling designs on cake sides. Works great!!! Thanks!


  11. Daniela says:

    WOW this is soo beautiful! :))) Thank you for the Receipt! We will try it at our daughters birthday party!


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  13. JenNDollyBFF says: my mother comes to me with a picture of this cake and says…this is the birthday cake i want…her birthday is Monday! Thank you SO much for posting this. Just did the little piggies, they turned out super cute! Ready for the cake part tomorrow thanks to you!


  14. Joyous says:

    Thank you, my friend wants to make this for her boyfriend for his birthday, She only had the picture and I said we would work it out, But you have made it easier. Thanks


  15. I’m giving this a go myself this weekend for My Dad’s birthday. Just finished making the piggies. I’m so impressed. Couldn’t stop laughing as I sculpted their little bottoms. Making the sponge tomorrow. And then will construct it all on Tuesday in preparation for his Birthday meal on Wednesday. Will post a pic when it’s all done. Thank you for posting your recipe, it’s been a great help.


  16. susieslittleinspirations says:

    This is definitely getting made…looks cool


  17. Elli says:

    Thank You very much for commenting the recipe… I’m going to make this amazing cake for my brothers birthday and I am very excited and a little bit scared… Really hope it will work 🙂


  18. My daughters want to make this for Easter. A Kit Kat is only 4″ tall so we were thinking a single layer cut in half so you have room for the filling and ganache


    • The Queen says:

      You may be able to use 3 torted layers? My layers were 2″ each and I cut at least 3/4″ off of one. I’m betting 3 w/fillings would be perfect? Let me know how it turns out!?


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  20. Pam Allen says:

    My daughter collects pigs. She just came with the picture and said this is the cake she wants for her birthday! (next week) I’m gonna try it! So cute!


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  22. Lynn Thibedeau says:

    I saw the pic of this cake on facebook, and they didn’t have a recipe for making this pig cake. I was trying and trying to figure out how to make it for a friend of mine at work. My other friend found your website and I was SO, SO, SO excited to see the recipe. Thank you so much!! I am going to try this soon. You are the best:))


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  26. Leigh G says:

    Hello – thanks for posting – I just made this for my husband’s birthday! Some tips though – it actually took 20 2 finger KitKats for an 8 inch cake, and the ganche needs to be really firm – I chilled it in the fridge for a couple of hours first. The KitKats stuck to the side really well (this was the bit I was dreading). Thanks again!


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  28. Chris says:

    This is the second time I have made this cake after seeing in on Pinterest. My son loves Pigs so it was a must make for him! It turned out perfect and he loved it! The first time I only had the dutch instructions and tried to convert for the ganache and it bordered on too thin it seemed, but worked. Today my daughter wanted to make it for a cake show at school so i am supervising her attempt. We got to the ganache part and again it seems too thin. I panicked when we put the 7oz of choc in the 1cup of cream so I added the whole bag which is 11.5oz. Still seems thin but it’s cooling. We’ll see how it goes. Has everyone used 1c. cream and 7oz chocolate? What I did the first time and plan to do this time is use 2 9″ round cakes, layered, and use regular chocolate frosting to frost the cake and then pour the ganache on top for the mud pool look. The regular frosting works very well to hold the kit kats. It took me 3 XL packs of Kit Kats to get around the cake. We’ll see if the ganache firms up tonight!


  29. Roselyn says:

    Nutella works great for the mud!


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  31. Lindsay says:

    I’d love to make this cake for my daughter’s 6ht birthday. She LOVES pigs!!! But I’m a very inexperienced baker on a tight budget. I’m wondering if anyone can help me simplify the recipe. I was planning to use boxed cake mix (maybe white so it’s not overwhelmingly chocolate) but I’m not sure if I need two 8″ round cakes or one 8″ round cake that gets split in two layers?? Then I was thinking of using the Nutella for the mud. Can anyone tell me if I have to do anything to the Nutella (add ingredients, heat it up, chill it, etc)?? Also how much Nutella did it take to cover the whole cake? I have a friend working on making the piggies for me. I’m just trying to make this as simple as I can and be successful. Thanks for anyone’s help!


    • The Queen says:

      I used 2 8″ layers…you may need to trim them down some when you measure your candy bars against it. I wouldn’t think you’d need to add anything to the Nutella but you’ll just have to experiment a bit with it. One jar should cover the top. Good luck and send a pic when you done!!?


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  33. Wow it is such an awsome cake. Especially the pigs are very nice.Good job 😉


  34. Reblogged this on Linda's wildlife garden and commented:
    awesome and thank you


  35. Reblogged this on Alice B Carlson and commented:
    I’m not really a food blogger, but this looks so good that I had to share. My son and I are going to have to work on this cake for my husband’s birthday in August. My husband went to school to become a farmer and worked on a farm where he worked with pigs.


  36. louisha says:

    do you have a recipe on how to make your own sponge for the cake


  37. Bodhi says:

    How many people can this cake feed, I am making this cake for a birthday party and need to feed at least 11 people.


  38. Wanda Williams says:

    Have a question on the Kit Kats. Is that the King size or regular size?


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