You know it’s bad out…

when “moi” posts 3 blog pieces in one morning!!

A high school buddy sent me this vid link this morning.  I saw it a good while back as I am a Celtic Thunder fan and watch them whenever they’re on PBS.

Besides being very entertaining and featuring great male voices AND adding a bit of Country and Western flair, one thing caught my eye.  Rather, one guy caught my eye…Paul Byrom, tenor extraordinaire. He’s the blondish guy in the middle wearing the grey vest w/shirt in. Why?  He looks a lot like Dean O’Gorman, aka Fili, dwarf of Hobbit fame?!  Not a dead ringer, but really reminds me of him…maybe it’s the dimple thing again.  And the wiggly eyebrows.

Pual Byrom...possible look-a-like for Dean O'Gorman??

Paul Byrom…possible look-a-like for Dean O’Gorman?? Photo from yahoo images.

Dean O'Gorman

Dean O’Gorman aka Fili in The Hobbit. Photo from yahoo images.

Whatever.  I love to watch these guys in action.  And the Celtic Women too.  Beyond wonderful!!!

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