You know it’s bad…

out there when the ducks can’t fly. When the ducks land in the middle of a cattle pen.  When the ducks sit in the cattle pen and won’t move.  Big Boss just spotted a duck perched on top of snow in a cattle pen.

Snow duck

Big Boss’es view from inside the feed truck this morning.

Snow pen

See the black spot in the middle of the photo? Yep, that’s our Feedlot Duck!! 🙂

Poor little guys must be frozen out there.  Big Boss  sent me pics via his phone from Pen’s a mess out there folks.  Weatherman says snow will continue until late afternoon.

Me?  I’m manning the coffeepot, keeping the fires going and still purging. Also cooking some.  And if I run out of wood, I’ll be bundling up, pulling on my snow boots and will head to the woodpile.  If I can find it.  It’s really not that far away from the house but in this…remember when Laura and Pa tied a rope from the house to the barn so they couldn’t get lost in the blizzard?  Yep, that may be the main order of business around here today.

And…I’m looking at quilt block designs. Heck, I may ditch everything and head down to the sewing machine!!!

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