Another variation of the Pigs in the Mud cake

Kit Kat Kake2

Kit Kat Kake a la M&Ms. Photo courtesy of Candace Ruff.

Update:  The translation and conversion post on “Getting Your Pigs in a Row” has gone viral.  Or nearly.  And I can take NO credit for it.  At all.  Well, maybe the conversion thing but anyone can go on to the internet and find a conversion chart.  Anyway, I’m still not sure what the name of the cake’s creator is.  I’m guessing “Fiona” as that appears within her email addy.  The English translator is  Annet Janssen. Go HERE for a direct link to her Facebook page and give her some Facebook Love! She’s hit 12,703  likes over there. Wow!

Since my daughter-in-law reminded me that she too, had made a Kit Kat cake, I thought I’d share her version!  She made it for her mom’s birthday last May.  I do remember going over and seeing it on the counter.  But nine months later, the memory of that cake was gone!  Thankfully, she took pictures!!!  And said I could share them here. Too cute!

Kit Kat cake

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