Conversations of the Downton Abbey sort


Matthew and Mary. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Matthew and Mary. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Spoiler Alert!!  Spoiler Alert!!

It’s been nearly a week since the season finale of Downton Abbey. I’m not sure how I feel about it even a week later. I’m probably in denial. Or just avoiding the inevitable realization that yeah, they killed Matthew off. I was pretty sure that was a possibility as Dan Stevens is in New York starring in a Broadway play, The Heiress.

I had a chance to see The Heiress when I was in New York back in December. Of course, The Phantom of the Opera was at the top of my Must See list. And the other night we had available for a show, The Heiress wasn’t showing that night. Of course. We did see Mama Mia, which was great….my hostess’es daughters were thrilled to go to it. Their mother and I were a little less enthusiastic…the theme of the musical kinda got under our skins. You know…girl is getting married and wants her father to give her away, only she doesn’t know who her father is. She has 3 suspects so she invites them all to her wedding and that’s where the chaos begins. Really? It seemed so improbable…or wrong. But, the music was fantastic and the cast left it all on the stage. They were wonderful.

Granny. That says it all. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Granny. That says it all. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Anyway, last Sunday night Meemaw sat down in her flannel jammies just as Downton Abbey was warming up. Deb sat with her with a bowl of popcorn and a Zero Sprite. Big Boss was avoiding the room entirely as he settled in to his study chair and figured the monthly wages.

Lord Grantham and Mr. Carson. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Lord Grantham and Mr. Carson. Photo courtesy of PBS.

It all started really well…a new baby, Edith charging onward with her new career, Tom dealing with his grief, Bates and Mrs. Bates falling deeper and deeper in love as Mrs. Bates learned a new dance step, Granny being her usual hysterical self…and even Robert and Cora have made up and things are looking up as Matthew and Tom rescue the estate from financial ruin! Mary is in seventh heaven as her premature son enters the family healthy.

Mrs Patmore. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Mrs Patmore. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Yeah, it all smelled to high heaven. Every other minute, Deb would sniff and wait for the other shoe to fall. Meemaw would smile sweetly and reassure her that all would be well. Just watch. And wait.

Deb was on pins and needles knowing, yes fearing the inevitable and impending disaster. It was coming. It had to. But Meemaw was certain that it was going to end well. Why, she was so certain is a mystery. The woman is an eternal optimist. Sickening.

Mr. and Mrs. Bates. Photo courtesy of PBS.

Mr. and Mrs. Bates. Photo courtesy of PBS.

And as the adoring mother smiled sweetly at her newborn and was adored in return by her beaming husband, Deb knew it was coming…the other shoe was hovering above her doubtful head just waiting to thump her back into the real world. The wheels turned on the antique car and Big Boss hollered from the other room, “Is it over YET?!”

And still the ladies sat there enthralled with Isobel’s feigned ignorance of an admirer’s attention. Yeah, she knew what the Doc was up to. Don’t let that innocent face fool you for one stinking minute. Big Boss strolled in to the kitchen for some more coffee and peeked in to check on the ladies. As he left shaking his head, he could be heard mumbling, “I can’t believe people watch this junk.” The man has no taste I tell you.

The wheels turned on and the milk truck rolled down the lane…

Meemaw yelled “Nooooooooo!” Yep, she could see it coming. Finally.

Deb sighed, “I KNEW IT!” And then, “HOW COULD THEY DO THIS? I love Dan Stevens!!!!!”

Both women could be heard to unison…”What will Mary do? How WILL she survive this?”

Big Boss rolled his eyes in dismay. Deb and Meemaw shook their heads in unbelief. Sadness, yea, even grief overcame them.

The world mourned the end. Rush Limbaugh spoke of it the next week. Glenn Beck addressed the situation. Huff Post TV bragged on the viewing numbers. Bloggers worldwide shook their collective heads as the universe wondered what the heck was the BBC thinking.

I can’t wait for Season Four!!!!!  I am certain that Matthew is going to recover and everyone will live happily. Ever. After. That is all.

Side Note:  A friend sent me a note (no, not a sympathy note!) about a Downton Abbey app. It’s pretty cool so check it out.  And besides Kim Komando endorses it. 😀


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3 Responses to Conversations of the Downton Abbey sort

  1. lucyrenard says:

    I have seen the episode smth like a month ago or so, on the Net of course. Well, it was quite a harsh way to get rid of Matthew, I suppose. It is not about bursting into tears and not about “oh-my-god-my-life-is-over”, I would even agree on the point that this is the way it has to happen: no stupid cliff-hangers and soap-opera-styled come backs, Stevens decided to go, people made Matthew die. The rest of sentiments is too much of a pop-culture. Yet I wonder if they turn the Downton Abbey into a real soap with no Sybill and no Matthew and whoever else leaves…


    • The Queen says:

      Yep, we knew Matthew’s departure was coming. The “how” was the mystery. The soap “operaishnes is becoming evident as time passes. I really don’t care for that. but then, I still love Downton! The whole show, IMHO, revolves around Granny. She’s the glue. Period!

      Thanks for stopping by. I love hearing from others about this show.


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