Yeah, pretty weak but I couldn’t help myself!!  *snort*

I created an account at Pinterest last year but saw very quickly that I could lose days, no, weeks…of time at this very addictive site. So I limited my time there. (yes I should get some kind of a medal for self-control!) I pinned maybe 40 or so pics, mainly of cakes. This past week, I became a little more active by pinning another 15 or so pins and joined a group board.

Then I wrote a blog piece last Thursday based on a Facebook share by a friend in Texas. Yeah, it was the pig cake. And it became an instant hit in an unexpected way!  Sort of hurt my feelings as I had nothing to with the cake’s creation. At all!!! I gave credits where credits were due, added some translations and conversions…and the traffic at my blog went nuts. (I can only imagine what happened at Taartjes’ page!!) Completely, out of your mind insane NUTS!  For the last 4 days, I’ve had over 37,000 views  here!

Now those numbers are piddly compared to sites like The Pioneer Woman or some of the fan sites. They can get that many hits in a day. And then some. But for me, those numbers are astronomical when you consider that my daily average for the year is around 100 views per day. Yep, you heard me…one hundred. And I was thrilled with 100!

But that has all changed. And to what do I owe all of the traffic at my site? A pig cake. Is that hysterical or what? A pig cake that someone else did!!! I love it! I had no idea there was such a huge interest in pigs. Pigs on cakes! Makes me laugh every time I think about it. Pigs are in. Little yellow duckies are out?

My blog geek expert friend thinks that Pinterest has contributed to these numbers. I am inclined to agree. And it seems that Facebook has also done its part. How all of this works is beyond me but I’m willing to learn. She kept telling me that all of this social media stuff  can really work for you, like Facebook, Twitter  and Pinterest.  I wasn’t blogging for numbers…mainly just to share information, learn about the world around us and educate/entertain folks about our life here on the farm.  It seems my friend knew what she was talking about.

I figure all of this will settle down Monday when everyone goes back to work or school.  But, in the meantime, it’s been fun!!

So I’m thinking about my next cake project. Cows in snow? Kids in mud? Worms in the grass?

Cute but a little icky!  Photo courtesy of yahoo images.

Worms in Mud cake anyone? Cute but a little icky! Photo courtesy of yahoo images.

I did this one...should've been a ladybug in grass right?  For some reason, ladybug in mud doesn't seem quite right?

I did this one…should’ve been a ladybug in grass right? For some reason, a ladybug in mud doesn’t seem quite right?

Side note: Did you know that there are dark chocolate Kit Kats and also white chocolate Kit Kats? Who. Knew?!!!

Thanks to all of you for visiting here!!  And now to prepare for yet another winter storm.  Cattle report tomorrow….

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3 Responses to Pigterest

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  2. PigLove says:

    Love the lady bug cake!! XOXO – Bacon


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