A Downton Abbey prequel…Granny takes a husband

I was sitting here typing away and answering comments when I can upon one from my last Downton Abbey post.  I was wondering if the commenter took me a little too seriously.  Then I thought, Nah!

But then I got to thinking about Granny, as both of us adore Maggie’s Granny.  And I thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mr. Fellowes did a prequel?  Something like The Hobbit prequeling (no idea if that’s a real word) The Lord of the Rings!!!”.  What a GREAT idea!

Photo courtesy of PBS.

Photo courtesy of PBS.

He could start with Granny growing up in pre-Victorian days…not sure that’s when it would be but just work with me on this.  I could  see her double-taking her way through high English society, sniffing and snorting her opinions even as a teenager to a mother who was even more aristocratic and opinionated as she was.  After all, she had to learn it from someone!? Right?

And then as a young woman she was forced into a very correct marriage  and then…THIS could be a whole series in itself!

Yep, I’m a genius. Only…I got the bright idea to google my brilliant idea. You know… just to make sure I being totally original.

I wasn’t.  I was about five months behind Mr. Fellowes.  It seems there were news reports of the possibility of a prequel to Downton Abbey  back in September!  I was crushed.  He stole my idea!  Well, not really because the theory is he’ll do a prequel centering around Robert and Cora’s courtship and marriage.  Gasp!

I may write him and advise him to begin with Granny and GrandPaPa.  Now THAT would be a romance!  If Granny had anything to say about it!  🙂

That reminds me…Did anyone out there see The Importance of Being Earnest?  Judi Dench stole the show and I think of her character and Maggie Smith’s as being very, very similar.  Well, beside the fact that Lady Augusta Bracknell was a show girl before her marriage.  Not sure Viola would approve of THAT at all!  Put the two of these ladies in one room and it would be interesting for sure!

Photo courtesy of yahoo images.

Photo courtesy of yahoo images.

OK. Back to my prequel…

As usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short on this one.  But when Mr. Fellowes does get the prequel written (and he says it’s “in the works”) , you can bet I’ll be first in line for my copy!

Of course, most of you probably already know all of this.  But I’m voting for beginning with Violet and The Elder Lord Grantham. Watch out Gone With the Wind!!!  Granny is on the loose! Who’s with me on this?!!!  🙂 And THEN…we need to decide who will play the young Granny and Lord Grantham…somebody slap me.

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2 Responses to A Downton Abbey prequel…Granny takes a husband

  1. Tina says:

    Love the idea!!


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