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As the sun shines…

  We’re preparing for possibly another flurry of snow?!  How can that be, you’re thinking. It’s gorgeous out. The sun is shining, there’s no wind, the grass is greening as I type, the apricot tree has its first buds peeking … Continue reading

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Not much happening and everything happening

Confused? So am I!  A full day stands before me with cakes, frostings, fillings, decorating, clean ups and all around creativeness at my side.  I am armed and ready for action as the cakes are baked and in the freezer … Continue reading

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Annual Bluebonnet Report

I thought I would repost this piece from last year.  It’s been the most popular post here…well, it was until the whole Pigs in the Mud saga!  Which makes me smile! I’ve been hearing the bluebonnets are a bit stunted this … Continue reading

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Wild Weekend in Smalltown, USA

I’ve been at it again. Going to movie premieres first in NYC for The Hobbit and then to Dodge City for Rabid Love.  You remember that one? Yep, I got a special invite to Rabid Love.  Well,  the production designer’s (Lance Ziesch) mom … Continue reading

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  We’ve had a lot of this strange species (Notmeticus) show up at our house through the years.  It seems to pop up at the oddest times.  You just don’t see it coming. Like the day I found the rubber snake … Continue reading

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Snow birds of the speedy sort

The Geococcyx, commonly known as the roadrunner. Uncommonly found in Kansas. Also did you know the roadrunner is part of the cuckoo family? That explains a lot. Growing up in Central Texas, roadrunners were a seen frequently on our Sunday afternoon … Continue reading

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Church Camp Blues

Anyone out there remember church camp?!!!  You know…the ones where you actually have to drive to it as opposed to camping in the church yard!!? The ones where you stayed in a cabin.  Without plumbing, if you get my drift.  … Continue reading

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