Mountain tops and reality

Last night Big Boss and I went to the Gaither Vocal Band concert. Can I just say, “wow!”. Can it get any better than that? Well maybe when we all get to heaven and join the heavenly choir but until then, the Vocal Band is about as close as you can get!

We took one granddaughter and met several church members there, including 2 more granddaughters, a son, a brother and sister-in-law and a whole hosts of friends aka brothers and sisters. And what a grand time we had.

I found it hard to sit still in my seat which put me in the same category as one granddaughter in particular. She sat in my lap and we tried to be still. Really. We did. But man how can you sit still with music lifting you right up out of your chair?

This latest grouping of the Vocal Band is particularly excellent. Their blend is perfect. Their dynamics right on target. And they don’t miss a beat. No, not one. I sound like a music judge from years gone by vocal contests don’t I? The thing is, I have a hard time sitting through groups who are a bit flat. Or don’t mesh well. No, I’m not a music snob but I appreciate well done music. Period.

And best of all, David Phelps has rejoined the Vocal Band. Enough said. He belted out an Italian aria and brought the crowd to their feet. And that was in the middle of the concert. Imagine the crowd’s reaction to his “Come to Jesus”. Heart stopping. Take a listen.

And then there was Wes Hampton singing “I’ll Pray for You”…I thought of a friend who is going through a trial right now. This is for her. You know who you are. (Song starts at 1:10)

Going to one the Gaither concerts is the next thing to a revival meeting! And the only way to stay halfway up the mountaintop experience is to play…and replay the music from the newly purchased CD. Perfect Sunday afternoon for that!

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4 Responses to Mountain tops and reality

  1. Debra says:

    Thanks for the review. These guys know how to harmonize. And when they are singing about my most fav subject, G-d, it is awesome! I heard them live m-a-n-y years ago.


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