German Pigs in the Mud cake

Photo couresty of Steph.

Photo couresty of Steffi.

We have our first PitM cake lookalike today sent in from Steffi who lives in Germany! Is the internet great or what?! Germany is on the line…HELLO Steffi:

Hey 🙂

Thank you for the nice idea!
The mother of my husband has birthday and i make these cake 🙂 I don’t make an angelcake (i don’t like it 😉 ) I think like you: a chokolatecake is much better. My ‘mother-in-law’ loves the austrian ‘Sachertorte’ – so i make this cake. The pigs are make with red colored marzipan.
This was my first try and i think it’s good ^^ My sister want a cake like this for her birthday, too 🙂

Greetings from Germany!

Photo courtesy of Steph.

Photo courtesy of Steffi.

I’d say this is very good first try, Steffi. Thanks for sharing!!!

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