Snow birds of the speedy sort

SNow bird

The Geococcyx, commonly known as the roadrunner. Uncommonly found in Kansas. Also did you know the roadrunner is part of the cuckoo family? That explains a lot.

Growing up in Central Texas, roadrunners were a seen frequently on our Sunday afternoon trips to my grandparent’s home in the country. You had to look fast, as my Daddy would say, or you’ll miss them. Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t recall ever seeing a roadrunner perfectly still. Blink and they would disappear.

The roadrunner in the cartoon was much easier to spot and track. Sort of.

Middle son snapped this pic last month when he was out tending cattle. Our resident roadrunner has been hanging out with us for a couple of years. The common theory is that he hitched a ride on a hay truck from the South.

While seeing a roadrunner in Kansas is unusual, the photo our son took makes the roadrunner’s appearance even more weird. A roadrunner in snow. Bet he was thinking, “Man, this white stuff is hard to run through!” Exactly what Big Boss was thinking.

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2 Responses to Snow birds of the speedy sort

  1. Rachael Herring says:

    Lived about 4 years in the Texas Hill Country around Marble Falls and these birds were quite prevalent. I kinda lived away from town. Had reflection sun protection put on some upstairs windows and one of these cuckoos continued to attack it. I’m thinking it was seeing its own reflection. I’d throw tennis balls trying to chase it away, but was always a temporary solution. Since they’re an enemy of snakes, didn’t want it to go completely away:-) Loved seeing them doing the running down the gravel road though.


  2. The Queen says:

    Yep being the enemy of snakes endears the critters immediately! Peacocks and turkeys are also good at keeping the creepy crawly things at bay.


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