We’ve had a lot of this strange species (Notmeticus) show up at our house through the years.  It seems to pop up at the oddest times.  You just don’t see it coming.

Like the day I found the rubber snake in my silverware drawer. Notmeticus showed up quickly.

Or the day I made a bee-line for to my truck.  Only to find it gone. That day it was the Wasntmeticus that was heard crowing loudly from all directions.

And then there was the time the snake (not rubber, live) got loose in the house.  Neither species showed up that time.  Everyone headed for the hills.  Except for the snake.

During the last big snow, I was out snapping some shots of the strange snow formations. The weather vane caught my eye.  And I laughed.


Why?  The pheasant weather vane has a hole in it. Dead center. A perfect shot.  Shot, you might ask?!!  Yep. Shot.

I said, “Did you do that?”  Nope, wasn’t me.

I asked, “Were you the one who did that?” Nope, not me.

I interrogated, “Why did you shoot the pheasant?”  Uhhh, to see if I could? It was begging to be used as a target?  If nothing else, this one is honest.

I’ve heard it all.  And seen it all.  Well, maybe not.  I have 6 grandsons. I’m guessing that they will add yet another species to the strange collection around here.  Hediditus. Iwasntheretucus. And so forth….

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