Not much happening and everything happening

Confused? So am I!  A full day stands before me with cakes, frostings, fillings, decorating, clean ups and all around creativeness at my side.  I am armed and ready for action as the cakes are baked and in the freezer (easier to handle to frozen), gumpaste pieces are standing and drying and ammo is stacked on the counters, island and table.

Yeah it’s a mess in here.  Try as I may, I can’t seem to help but make messes.  It’s granddaughter #1’s birthday weekend and she chose a Winter Hobbitland cake like I made for her cousin.  Except she didn’t want snow.  “Green grass and stuff” was the order!!  I don’t blame her. I’m ready for some green too.  Sadly, most of the green I see around my yards right now are weeks.  They are surly growing 6″ per day.  And I don’t have time and/or don’t want to spray them.  Next week.

But in the meantime…my kitchen is trashed.  And will stay trashed until Sunday in likelihood.  Once I get the cake done, food for Sunday lunch is in next in line…Governor’s Salad, new potatoes and green beans and maybe a Millionaire Pie if I find some extra minutes.  This is the new version…well not so new as a friend gave this recipe to me 20 years ago.  The old version used raw eggs and made an unbelieveably WONDERFUL pie BUT…the raw part gagged me every time.  I was ecstatic when the new version hit the presses.

When I see light at the end of the tunnel, I’ll holler real loud.  Then y’all can come over and help get rid of the cake scraps!

Oh…Gumpaste Thorin is now repaired and almost good as new.  You don’t want to look real close though.  He has a new wig which the jury is still out on.  I fiddled with it yesterday until he was screaming and my brain was shouting “ENOUGH already!”  Don’t have the Gumpaste Orcrist made yet though.  What good is a Dwarf King without the Orcrist, I ask you? Especially with cute little bunnies sitting at your feet.


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4 Responses to Not much happening and everything happening

  1. Kitty says:

    I had absolutely NO sewing in the sewing room for about 20 minutes on Wednesday. I’m glad for more work, though. I don’t know if I would like getting caught up, feeling useless. I secretly confess that I love hearing my girls call me “mountain woman” and tell me they think I can do anything. Hope your Easter celebrations are lovingly memorable.


  2. The Queen says:

    I’ll YOU could show me how to thread this &$(&$ old Singer. It’s a 1956 Featherweight and it’s got me stumped! It was my mother-in-law’s and I had it cleaned/repaired so granddaughters can use it/ It has the instructions but heck if I can get it to work. I don’t blame you. It’s good to hear them compliment you. Once they get older…Blessed Easter greetings to your and yours. 🙂


    • Kitty says:

      I’ve got hubby’s grandmother’s old Singer. It hems a pair jeans better than any machine I’ve ever used but I can’t find a replacement belt for the motor (that motor that Granny Wall had installed when she had it transformed into electric instead of treadle) – confound it. Yours looks like it threads just like mine but I’m a hands-on-show-you instead of verbalizing how-to. :/ Here is a link that may be helpful. There are quite a few sites where you may find the solution. Good luck!


      • The Queen says:

        Once we getting Easter eggs hunted, I hope to sit down and try it again. I’ve heard it said that these machines are legendary! I also have BB’s grandmother’s treadle machine. My mom cleaned it and oiled it and we found a new belt for it. She sewed me a jumper on it. Cool huh?! I haven’t tried sewing on it yet. Thanks for the tips!


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