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If Jesus had a blog!!!

This guy always manages to make me laugh!  But this time he made me laugh AND consider the scriptural truths at the same time. If Jesus Had a Blog: Go and Sin No More. What up! Haven’t blogged for awhile … Continue reading

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Investigation into Gumpaste Hobbit tragedy…

Investigators are now at the scene of the horrendous tragedy where it appears that Gumpaste Thorin has had an accident. Witnesses offered that Gumpaste Gandalf zapped poor GT with his staff in an experiment and sent GT crashing to the floor where … Continue reading

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German Pigs in the Mud cake

We have our first PitM cake lookalike today sent in from Steffi who lives in Germany! Is the internet great or what?! Germany is on the line…HELLO Steffi: Hey 🙂 Thank you for the nice idea! The mother of my husband has … Continue reading

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Who asked for Apple Cobbler?!!

I seem to have to have lost my mind. I know someone mentioned it when I put up the Peach Cobbler recipe. Nonetheless, I SHALL persevere and in hopes of catching up on loose ends here, I made apple cobbler … Continue reading

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Cakes in The Hobbit News…sort of.

A blogging buddy blogged today about The Hobbit hitting the Billion Dollar mark worldwide.  It’s the 15th movie to do that.  That’s a lot of cash.  Makes me wonder what all that money “could” be used for. Besides more Peter … Continue reading

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Tattered Cookbooks are the Best

Well, maybe not the best, but here’s the thing….you’re used to them.  You can find recipes instantly. And the recipes have notations that are invaluable.  Like how many times you need to double the recipe for silage crews.  And if you … Continue reading

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Mountain tops and reality

Last night Big Boss and I went to the Gaither Vocal Band concert. Can I just say, “wow!”. Can it get any better than that? Well maybe when we all get to heaven and join the heavenly choir but until … Continue reading

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