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You know it’s Spring when…

you see this going down the road. Or this… Or this… The top photo is one of the boys going up the hill in the tractor with the planter behind.  I was taking my daily walk and met him at the … Continue reading

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Need a new blog to read?

Nah, me either.  But.  This one is special! And since several of you have written asking about my hair or commenting on it…this one’s for you!!!! 🙂 I found Kate about 6 months ago and I have NO idea what … Continue reading

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A Tangled Birthday

So, I give you the Tangled cake.  The birthday girl was delighted and her first comment was, “Oh!  The sunshine flower is there!”.  Details people. Details. The way the Tangled story goes, a single drop of sunshine fell to the … Continue reading

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Sitting around with my feet propped up

Yep.  That’s been the activity of the day.  I even napped a bit with Miss Madi after we watched…wait for it…one more time, TANGLED!!!  LOL!!  Mal also went to sleep but not Mollie. Never Mollie!!  She was watching, and singing and … Continue reading

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I Lied

Not something I do habitually.  But yeah, I lied.  What about?  The number of hits the pigs have drawn here.  I must have looked at the stats wrong, as in number of hits for the WEEK instead of hits since … Continue reading

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Pig Phenomenom Continues…

on and on! To date, there have been over 16,000 pig cake hits on my blog.  I can’t imagine what’s happened at the originator’s site!!? This is the latest Pigs in the Mud cake and I think Leigh did a … Continue reading

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Spider Man Rules the Day

  All done but the dishes. And mopping the sticky floor. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll finish the Tangled Tower and set it aside.  May get a small cake done too.  We’ll see. Spider Man turned out to be one colorful and … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday aka What I Forgot to Do on Wednesday

Well, maybe not forgot…just didn’t get around to. Eating.  Partially true as I ate the last…two…tamales sometime between 2 and 5.  😦 And some lemon yogurt. 🙂 Almost forgot the getting dressed part.  I looked down as I dropped some … Continue reading

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Hot Tamale, Chili Tomorrow

Spring has hidden from us.  I’m SURE of it.  Rain has fallen today, along with sleet, snow and WIND.  Lots and lots of wind.  The thermometer keeps dropping and J.D. says hail and snow for tomorrow.  Hawaii sounds better and … Continue reading

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Happy Monday and Bless Your Heart!!!

  I’m going in circles today. Unpacking, Cleaning. Putting up. Planning. Where to start where to start. But.  First thing on my list is a pic.  Of myself.  Sheesh.  How I hate taking pics of me.  So many more interesting … Continue reading

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