Dear Mr. Gosling.

So…another Hollyweird expert needs to express his dismay…and ignorance, I might add…about farmers, cows (which made both me and Big Boss laugh…they’re cattle folks. Cattle.) Do all of these people HAVE to have a cause? Do they ALL have the urgent need to spout off about “things” with no prior knowledge/information/research? I doubt Mr. Gosling has the foggiest idea on which end of a “cow” he might horns, much less how to care for a “cow” in a humane way. Whatever that might be. Dairy Carrie puts it to him in a humane way. She could’ve really taken him down, but she was ever so nice. Great job Carrie! Right on. Right on. 🙂

The Adventures of Dairy Carrie... I think I Need a Drink!

Dear Mr Gosling,

Yesterday when I woke up early in the morning before milking cows, I was alerted to your letter, which I took to be on behalf of PETA, to the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) in regards to the practice of dehorning cattle. As a dairy farmer who has often been on the business end of a dehorner, I was quite interested to hear what you had to say about the practice. So far as I can remember and IMDb tells me you have never had the experience of dehorning in your life, even as part of a role you were playing. I mean, I am sure you are a great actor. I’ve seen The Notebook, not really my style but I don’t feel the need to write to the Academy of Motion Pictures to ask them to ban the painful experience of Nicholas Sparks from the big screen. I…

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2 Responses to Dear Mr. Gosling.

  1. prue batten says:

    We have the same issue in Australia with mule-sing and marking of sheep (ie: removing tails and wrinkled pockets around the anus to prevent flystrike). Yes, we are trying to use genetics to breed smooth-bummed merino sheep but as everyone knows genetics don’t happen overnight and the gene for wrinkles can always appear again way down the track. Graziers here mules and remove tails because a sheep with flystrike is heartbreaking. Flies land on a dirty bottom, breed and the maggots push under the animal’s skin. I’d like to have PETA watch a flystruck sheep coping with a mass of maggots in their body. They lose condition, become weak and depressed and eventually die in agony…

    As a sheepfarmer breeding sheep that have horned rams as sires one generation back, and despite the fact that we now breed those ewes (poll merinos) to a Border Leicester line of rams (polled), we usually get a percentage of ram lambs with horn buds. As we sell our ram lambs on weaning, de-horning isn’t an issue on our farm, but I’ve seen horn injuries on both cattle and sheep and it’s horrible.
    As for Ryan Gosling, he sure isn’t Richard Armitage!


    • The Queen says:

      Seems PETA knows what’s best for us all huh? The fact that they use these poor uninformed Hollywoodites, especially the good lookin ones, makes my blood boil. And boy are you right…Mr. Gosling, you’re NO Mr. Armitage.

      Having come close to having my sons and hubs injured by those horns many, many times, the horns have to go. Period. And then there are the times when one of the “guys” is out to prove he’s the Alpha male and rips into another buddy. Not pretty. One of these dudes nearly killed our vet years ago when he was trying to doctor him.


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