Happy Monday and Bless Your Heart!!!

Self portrait. From the back. #notaseasyasyouthink

Self portrait. From the back. #notaseasyasyouthink


I’m going in circles today.



Putting up.


Where to start where to start.

But.  First thing on my list is a pic.  Of myself.  Sheesh.  How I hate taking pics of me.  So many more interesting things. However.  This is an occasion!  I won a contest!  Yay me!!

How?  I called in to a friend’s radio program…Shellie @ http://www.allthingssouthern.com. She was giving away T-shirts so I called to enter my name.  Well, the guy who answered was tickled to death that someone from Kansas had called into Shellie’s show.  I explained that I met her last summer at ChristyFest and quickly became another one of her many fans.  To my horror, he put me on the show live.  Accckk!!  I’m one of those folks who when put in to a situation where I have to talk…like, out loud to any kind of audience…I never know what I’ve said.  I go blank.  Can’t remember a durned thing.

Anyway, I struggled through with Shellie’s help.  She was all chatty and nice and think I might have made some sense of some sort.

The next week, Shellie notified me that I had won!  I NEVER win anything.  Ever. And after telling Shellie exactly that, she kinda suggested that she “Might” have weighted the contest a bit.  In my favor.  That’s not official.  I have NO confirmation on that.  But my shirt came while we were in Branson!

And..since I had promised Shellie a photo, I was compelled to follow through.  Especially since Lucy aka Janis had NOT sent her pic in yet.  Gotta beat her at something and this is my chance.  But…I let Big Boss get off this AM without taking the pic so my only option was to do the self-timer thingy with my phone.  Sorry. It’s the best I could do.

Thank you for the great t-shirt, Miss Shellie!!  I love it and I love what it says.  And every time I bless someone’s heart, I think of you.  I catch myself blessing folks a lot nowadays…Jana can vouch for that.  Of course, she’s pretty sure I’m crazy anyways, so I’m not sure that counts.  😀

And if you get a chance, listen to Shellie this afternoon at 5 Central HERE!

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10 Responses to Happy Monday and Bless Your Heart!!!

  1. Like the t-shirt but LOVE your hair!


  2. Jana Rima says:

    Oh My …..”Bless Your Heart”….as I’m sitting here cracking up….LOL


  3. Fancy Nancy says:

    Love the hair, too! As pretty as our BHS days!!! Do you never grey? Love the shirt too! Have you seen the “bless your heart” Dallas commercial from Home Marketing Services (real estate)? It’s even on YouTube.


    • The Queen says:

      Y’all are hindering my attempts at humility! Bless your hearts! And thanks. FN, my hair lady knows that her first-born is MINE…if…any grey EVER shows. OK, there’s some there but it kinda blends in with the 48 other colors in my hair. Just watched the commercial…he’s got our number I’m afraid! 😀


  4. Fancy Nancy says:

    The perks of being blonde! And “yep” on the commercial! 🙂


  5. The Queen says:

    “The perks of once being a blonde!” hehe!


  6. I have no idea what she is talking about. I mean, I would never weight the scales for a friend. (She dodges a lightening bolt) THX for posting, woman. I’m with the rest of the commenters. I love your hair! 🙂


  7. The Queen says:

    You are welcome. Glad I got it up BEFOR Lucy’s!! Made my day! And thanks. Wow, I’ll have to use that do again?!!


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