Hot Tamale, Chili Tomorrow

Spring has hidden from us.  I’m SURE of it.  Rain has fallen today, along with sleet, snow and WIND.  Lots and lots of wind.  The thermometer keeps dropping and J.D. says hail and snow for tomorrow.  Hawaii sounds better and better!!!

Big Boss has been having meetings with bankers today and hauling wood and clearing out more trees for more wood. And cutting PVC pipe for me.

Why do I need PVC pipe?  Building another cake.  Actually two cakes.  One wants a Spiderman cake and the other hasn’t made up her mind yet.  So I made it up for her.  Hope this doesn’t backfire on me because believe me, she WILL tell me about it!  LOL!  This kid has no secrets.  But she loved Tangled so I’m headed in that direction.

The thing is…I’m trying to get Spiderman done by Friday and have the other cake frozen and parts made so all I have to do is assemble when I get home from Texas next week.  A special prayer meeting for me and with all those items in mind would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

In the meantime, a sweet neighbor brought over homemade tamales the other day.  Tamales are my one weakness.


Actually, I consider myself to be somewhat of a tamale connoisseur.  I’ve had tamales anywhere I’ve traveled and these rank right up there with The Best in the World, El Charro in Dodge City.  My friend’s are seriously GREAT!  The problem is…I only have 2 left. I fear major withdrawal coming my way.  Maybe I’ll whip some up of my own.  And maybe not.

Tamale cooked

Tamales take a huge amount of time and patience to make.  My daddy got a recipe years ago from a co-worker, so with an authentic recipe in hand, I made some.  Good grief!  It took FOREVER!  I wasn’t real pleased with the final product but they weren’t horrible. I had the required masa…a finely ground cornmeal.  I had the required lard…which I had never used in my life.  I had the required corn shucks, except mine were fresh from the corn field rather than dried. I used beef instead of pork.  That may have been my downfall?

My neighbor has tamale making down though.  She was worried that they wouldn’t turn out because her mother wasn’t here to supervise.  I say she’s an expert.  Maybe we should have a tamale party.  Many hands, you know. Assembly line technique sounds like it should work?

But the final product is so yummy.  I love these things.  When I was a kid, I’d beg for tamales for breakfast.  We never ate out so the answer was usually a can of tamales. Not quite the same thing but it kept me happy.  I’d pile cheese on top of them and was pretty sure that I was well on my way to being Julia Childs.  Or close.

I spent my first pregnancy chowing down on those canned tamales.  How I kept them down, I will never know.  Everything else that I ate had a pretty short time span in my tummy.  Not nice.

The next pregnancy, I ate truckloads of oranges. And burned toast.  Don’t judge me. None of which stayed down for long

The third time around, it was lime sherbet.  That one made a bit more sense but I didn’t fair any better with the morning sickness.  My OB/Gyn told me during my first pregnancy that the morning sickness would get better with each pregnancy.  When I get to heaven, I intend to look him up.  He was wrong.  Oh so wrong.

Three pregnancies=27 months of hugging the porcelain, right up to delivery.  Just not fair. The way I have this figured, my sons owe me. Big time. And besides, I spent hours of sleepless nights waiting for them to get their behinds in during the teen years. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure they should be good for AT LEAST a 2 week trip to Hawaii.  Make that 2 months.

But the payoff is, besides three lovely sons who have seen fit to present me with eleven grandchildren…I still love tamales and they agree with me.  I’m trying to figure out how to talk my neighbor into more tamales.  Or…maybe I’ll just go to El Charro’s and buy a couple of dozen to freeze for later.  Who am I kidding?  I’ll eat them all  in one sitting if there’s no one around to stop me. Or insist they get their fair share.


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5 Responses to Hot Tamale, Chili Tomorrow

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    I recall as kids, you loving tamales and me hating them! But now I do like them, but probably still never as much as you! A good place for tamales in our area is Rosa’s. Are they in Kansas?


  2. The Queen says:

    LOL! Go figure! As much as we had in common, there were a few things we didn’t have in common! Diversity is a good thing?! Never heard of Rosa but now you have a new place to take me next trip! 😀


  3. Fancy Nancy says:



  4. Dianne says:

    Pappasitos tamales are great too, or come here and we’ll get some really great ones. I’m not a fan of Rosa’s.


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