Throwback Thursday aka What I Forgot to Do on Wednesday

Well, maybe not forgot…just didn’t get around to.

Eating.  Partially true as I ate the last…two…tamales sometime between 2 and 5.  😦 And some lemon yogurt. 🙂

Almost forgot the getting dressed part.  I looked down as I dropped some icing and realized I needed to ditch the jammies and find my jeans. Since it was almost noon.

Return phone calls.  I was on the phone…really for the first time all day…with my aunt. Then Big Boss came in.  Then my cell phone rang. All within 1 minute. I promised to call the cell phone caller right back and remembered that around 9:00 last night.  Duh.

Yep, working on two cakes at a time…and possibly a third, small one…I just forget to tend to some things.  But I am getting smarter about getting wrapped up in what I’m doing.  It’s just taken me about 50 years to do so, but I’m getting it now.

I take little breaks. When I remember to. 🙂  I remembered that part around 8:00 last night when I was seeing double, my neck hurt, my head ached and my feet were numb. Definite signs that not only did I need to put my feet up for 10, but also take an Advil and grab a piece of cheese for my supper! And…bat my eyelashes at BB while asking for a neck rub.  🙂

But my projects are rolling right along. A friend commented a while back that making these decorated cakes is like doing a puzzle.  True, but the rest of the story is you have to not only make all of the puzzle pieces, you design the pieces, measure them, color them, glue them and bake them.  Sheesh, now that I read that, I AM tired!

I have to admit though that it’s a challenge!  I’ve learned more in the last 10 years of cake creating than I did in the first 30 years.  And I have the internet to thank for that…plus relatives and friends who say things like, “Oh I just KNOW you can do that cake!?” as they present me with a picture of a mind-boggling cake they found somewhere…I can now watch tutorial on You Tube on making a gumpaste gardenia, browse through thousands of cake galleries on websites and buy classes via Craftsy or Cake Masters or hundreds of other site and watch them almost instantly instead of waiting for them in my mailbox!  How cool is that?

So the parts are mounting up, in between checking such and such website to see how they did their tower/roof/whatever.  This afternoon, I’ll bake another batch of cakes, whip up a boatload of icingm start filling levelled cake layers, crumb coat them and then, either flop some fondant over them OR put a super smooth coat of buttercream on to finish them off. Also, North and South will be popped into the DVD player…haven’t seen Mr. Thornton in a while so a viewing is waaaay overdue!  🙂


The Spiderman cake will be finished and devoured tomorrow as we celebrate a cute little red-headed boy’s birthday. Last year, the challenge from him was a castle cake.


The final product may..or may not look like this.

The final product may..or may not look like this.

The Tangled cake won’t go together until the 21st.  Hopefully, I’ll finish all of the parts for that on Saturday with the hopes of spending a minimum amount of time assembling it later.  The birthday girl had a hard time deciding on exactly what she wanted. She went from castles with princesses to Mickey Mouse to the Three Stooges. No idea where this kid gets her good taste!!  🙂

So her mom suggested doing what I wanted.  Since the birthday girl loves the movie Tangled…we watch it every time she’s here…I settled on a Tangled Tower theme.  I know…where’s the simplicity in that? Again, the challenge of combining about 6 different cakes that I had found on the internet and doing some techniques I had never tried before got the best of my common sense.  Sigh.

Breakfast on the rug while watching FOX News and going over sketches and printouts.

Breakfast on the rug while watching FOX News and going over sketches and printouts.


Who said purple roofs are OUT?! A bit of color dusting to go on the roof and the tower rocks…

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6 Responses to Throwback Thursday aka What I Forgot to Do on Wednesday

  1. Dianne says:

    One of Brodie’s favorite movies. He likes Maximus, the horse.


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    Wish I could just sit and watch you do these! 🙂 Maybe you should video yourself making this next cake and post on the blog….that would be fun! 😀


    • The Queen says:

      Me too. I could put you in charge of dirty dishes?! Actually, I’m betting you’d catch on so fast, you could finish for me!! 😀 LOL!! Now THAT would likely be a circus…vidding and decorating at the same time!!


  3. Jana Rima says:

    Another awesome production….and it really is a production in some of our eyes who would NEVER attempt to do such a labor of love….you’re a special Grammy….


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