Spider Man Rules the Day


imageAll done but the dishes. And mopping the sticky floor. 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll finish the Tangled Tower and set it aside.  May get a small cake done too.  We’ll see.

Spider Man turned out to be one colorful and busy cake.  And I have parts leftover. Yay!

Off to the party as Big Boss just walked in from working on  pivot.  He was the first one to leave so it looks like everyone will be late to the party.  Nothing new there.

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5 Responses to Spider Man Rules the Day

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Awesome….YOU ARE GOOD! :D. And what lucky grands!


    • Fancy Nancy says:

      Our Connor would love that! So wish you were closer!


      • The Queen says:

        Me too. I could drop some leftover stars by?!! Thx. The birthday boy was thrilled. All he cared about was the toy figure on top! Heck, if I’d known that, I’d just slapped some icing on a cake, stuck the toy on top and been done!!! LOL!!!


        • Fancy Nancy says:

          He’ll remember it always, though. I made a treasure chest cake with opened lid for son’s 4th BDay and he still tells of that as a 27 yr old man.


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