Pig Phenomenom Continues…

on and on! To date, there have been over 16,000 pig cake hits on my blog.  I can’t imagine what’s happened at the originator’s site!!?

Thanks to Leigh for the photo!

Thanks to Leigh for the photo!

This is the latest Pigs in the Mud cake and I think Leigh did a fantastic job!  I especially loved the classy gold ribbon wrapped around the pigs sitting atop a beautiful gold cake board!  Keep up the good work!  This is what Leigh had to say about her cake:

Hello – thanks for posting – I just made this for my husband’s birthday! Some tips though – it actually took 20 2 finger KitKats for an 8 inch cake, and the ganche needs to be really firm – I chilled it in the fridge for a couple of hours first. The KitKats stuck to the side really well (this was the bit I was dreading). Thanks again!

If any of you have created a version of this cake, send in your pic and I’ll dedicate a post to YOU!!

In the meantime, finishing touches on the Tangled tower were JUST completed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!! Big Boss is running around trying to get his feeding finished for the day so he can help me prepare supper for guests coming in this afternoon. Their daughter will be singing for our worship service tomorrow and I’m really excited about hearing her. They lived here years ago so we knew their children as…well, little kids who were in my Sunday School class! 🙂 Now they’re all but grown up!

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