I Lied

Not something I do habitually.  But yeah, I lied.  What about?  The number of hits the pigs have drawn here.  I must have looked at the stats wrong, as in number of hits for the WEEK instead of hits since Feb. 21, 2013.

The true numbers are a bit more. Actually, a lot more.  Like since I posted about the cute little porkers, over 90,000 hits have…well, hit here. Which boggles my mind as my little blog is pretty minor.

Several folks have asked me “why pigs?” or “What’s the deal?” or “Seriously???!!”

The only answer I have is the simplicity of the cake design.  Heck, you could purchase a supermarket cake, buy some candy and pretty much have the thing done, especially if you use Betty Crocker frosting for the cake top.

The pigs would take a bit more time, but really no special rules or tools or talent to mold the little piggies.  More like a kid could make them!  Just pretend the fondant is Play-Doh.

Anyway, that’s my theory.  I think the chocolate is appealing also.  For some folks, anything chocolate is a draw!

And, let’s face it…pigs are cute.  OK, we could debate their general cuteness, but who could resist those little squiggly piggie tails?

So this is my confession.  I just figured out that I posted false numbers when I was sitting here at my mom’s trying to get a decent signal so I could catch up on email’s after a day of driving.  This town sits in a hole so cell phone coverage is sad…at best!

And that brings me to the bluebonnets.  They’re not sad but not anything like last year’s crop.  But…they’re blooming and though they might be short, squatty and sparse…they’re still pretty!!!

Tomorrow, my mom, two aunts and I will head for the Hill Country to check out the status of the bluebonnets for ourselves.  Report and photos to follow…

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1 Response to I Lied

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    I finally saw that another friend shared the pig cake from the original creator. Surprising that no one else has!


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