Sitting around with my feet propped up

Yep.  That’s been the activity of the day.  I even napped a bit with Miss Madi after we watched…wait for it…one more time, TANGLED!!!  LOL!!  Mal also went to sleep but not Mollie. Never Mollie!!  She was watching, and singing and reading and kissing Madi…but NOT sleeping.

After last weekend, we all needed to nap.  A lot.  What was last weekend?  Glad you asked and you may be sorry you asked but here goes.

I drove 500 miles Friday from Texas, arriving home just in time to meet with a lease guy, sign some papers, spend some time with grandsons and unload groceries.  (All trips home from Texas include a stop in Dodge City for groceries because, chances are that Big Boss has wiped out the fridge and needs FOOD, pronto!!)

Saturday found me putting the final coat of icing on the birthday gal’s cake, inserting the tower over stabilizing dowels, adding vines on the tower and cake, then putting on kazillions of gumpaste flowers that I made Sat. morning, then putting tiny little white pearls into the center of each and every flower.  Oh, and I added an aqua window to the tower room, another steeple and made holes in a couple of walls so light could shine through them.  Argh.  Detail freakdom took me over.  Again.

That brought me to fighting off criminals at the church around 9 that night…side story.  It seems we had a speedster zoom through town with sheriffs from 3 different counties on his tail…right past the church where I was putting the cake together. Alone. Not knowing what was going on and being unable to lock myself in to the church building, I took off for our youngest son’s house.  We got the “all clear” call 30 minutes later.  The suspect had crashed into a dead-end street and was captured.  Whew!

I headed home after I finalized the cake and collapsed while Big Boss spent the night feeding cattle and checking the baptistery. It seems we have a leak in our church baptistery, so he had to fill it around the clock and check it constantly to make sure it didn’t overflow.  Like I said, it was a big day Sunday…our grandson was being baptized,

Pastor Carl and Garrett ready for the baptising!!

Pastor Carl and Garrett ready for the baptizing!!

our granddaughter was being dedicated

Madi was mesermised by Pastor Carl's ear...and glasses!

Madi was mesmerised by Pastor Carl’s ear…and glasses!


AND another granddaughter was celebrating her 4th birthday.

The birthday girl singing hymns during the worship service.

The birthday girl singing hymns during the worship service.

All of that meant lunch at the church.

So, I got up early Sunday morning made food for the lunch, left early for the church to sprinkle glitter dust on the cake’s flowers and put Rapunzel on the cake…and help set up tables, chairs, etc.  And we had a wonderful service and lunch!!


Yeah, naps were in order today.  And yesterday, but I didn’t have time yesterday and Sunday afternoon, I just sat and stared at the four walls after we got in from church/lunch/birthday party.

Big Boss came in around 6 from feeding and we decided to go over to our oldest son’s lodge and watch Lincoln on his big TV.  We loved it, being the history geeks that we both are!! Just in case you wondered…

So, all that to say, the Tangled cake was completed on time. And as planned.  I have the tower saved for future birthday cakes, so if any of you out there have a hankering for a Rapunzel cake, I’m your woman! 🙂

All photos in this post were taken by Tammy Ewy, photographer extrodinaire!!  Is she great or what?!!  Thanks, Tammy!!!!!!!

Cake post to follow…

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8 Responses to Sitting around with my feet propped up

  1. Annie Vickery says:

    I love your blog posts… I felt transported to a much nicer place… Really needed it tonight.. Thanks.. God’s handiwork here when you least expect it. 🙂


  2. Dianne says:

    Pictures of the completed Rapunzel cake?


  3. Fancy Nancy says:

    Regarding my comments on the next post, I should have read this post first,…it answers what you do with those pieces of art attachments! :). These are lovely, sweet pics.


  4. radhika25 says:

    What cute grand kids you have! R


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