Need a new blog to read?

Nah, me either.  But.  This one is special! And since several of you have written asking about my hair or commenting on it…this one’s for you!!!! 🙂

I found Kate about 6 months ago and I have NO idea what led me to her but this gal is great!  She does all kinds of hairdos but majors on longer hair.  She has a kazillion different ways to put your hair up, which in warmer weather, is a MUST DO for this hot natured gal!  I may have just spent 30 mins. drying and curling and I may have the bouncy cute curls thing going, however, if it’s hot, I’ll have them curls pulled up in a New York Minute to GET THEM OFF MY NECK!!

Many of her hairdo tutorials can be used on little girls also. And she does makeup tutorials, skin care, hair maintenance, product reviews, exercise suggestions and fashion updates.  She covers it ALL! Well, almost all.  I wish she did makeup shots for us older gals.  Maybe I should write her?!!

So, if this interests you, take a look HERE!!!

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9 Responses to Need a new blog to read?

  1. Myna says:

    I like her blog to. That’s where I discovered Aquage lifting foam for hair.


  2. Kitty says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been letting my hair grow long to put up when we return to Nicaragua in the fall. It’s not quite as long as Kate’s but I’ve still got time.


    • The Queen says:

      Nicaragua??? Spill woman. We want details!


      • Kitty says:

        There are too many details, oh Queen. We (my prince and I) went to Nicaragua in March, 2012 on a medical mission b/c, well, we have all this medical back ground – kissin’ booboos and takin’ Miralax. We left a huge chunk of our heart there, especially w/ two little girls @ Casa Mephibosheth, the orpanage owned by Chosen Children Ministries, with whom our trip was co-ordinated. We became part of the sponsorship program for those two little girls, Rosaura and Sandra. After we returned home, we learned that Rosaura would celebrate her quincianera in January. Chosen Children consented to let us sponsor her celebration and we went back in January this year and fell in love w/ another little girl, Jessica, and are returning in November (Lord willin’). I love love love sharing our pics (there are lots on my FB pg – send me a request & you can see them).
        We met w/ a group last night to plan the second annual Chosen Children Ministries banquet in September. The first banquet raised enough $$$ to feed every person in 14 barrios (250,000 ppl) 1 meal / day for an entire year (PTL – ain’t God good!). The second banquet is to raise $$$ to make each of those barrios self-sustaining by teaching them (you’re going to like this) to farm. We are hoping someone some where knows how to contact the powers that be @ John Deere or MF or Kubota to give (yes, give) the equipment needed to farm the land so these people, who have a heart and mind to work, can, in a country where the umemployment rate is over 46%, work and provide for their families. I warned you – and this is the very short version – I haven’t even told you about buying ice cream for the children or building feeding stations or seeing 12 residents in a nursing home accept Christ after I told them about my salvation experience or about the wonderful staff in country @ Elegido Ministerios Niños (no, I do not speak Spanish). Anyway, here is the link to the Chosen Children site. Thanks for askin’.


  3. RAFrenzy says:

    I love it. Since I have an almost identical haircut, I think I can swing this. : D


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