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More Genealogical Adventures or How Bread Pudding Opened Ancestral Doors

Eventually, I became the family keeper of…well…stuff.  If someone had a picture of so and so, they sent it to me.  If a distant cousin had some obituaries that he thought might be of interest, he sent them to me.  … Continue reading

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Where We Are Going

A wise man once wrote, “In order to know where we are going, we must know where we’ve been.”  In other words…learn about your past and then, perhaps, you can head in the right direction.  These words really ring true, … Continue reading

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Smaller is Better?

I tried.  I really did.  The plan was perfect.  Scale everything down. Instead of 10″, make it 8″.  Instead of 8″, make it 6″.  Instead of 6″, make it 4″. Sounded good.  But then…I needed more height on the 8″ … Continue reading

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Cowboy Wars

It’s that time of year when Big Boss and Company are working cattle.  What does that mean?  They’re giving the cattle checkups to make sure they’re healthy…like checking eyes for infection, noses for…well, snottiness. Sorry. No other way to say … Continue reading

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Purple Cakes!

First, it was Purple Petunias. Now, I give you Purple cake. Oh yeah. Miz Teri did it to me again.  Pushed me to new heights.  Asked me to do something different. Something new. Something PURPLE! Why purple?  Well, her soon-to-be … Continue reading

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Holy Geranium!!!!

Y’all remember Pat, the Blueberry lady in New England?  You know the one…she and her husband own a greenhouse and landscaping business, along with their son. Also she and her sister met me and Frenz in New York City for … Continue reading

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The Future of Farmers

Big Boss just came in to grab some friend eggs I made for him.  That will be his lunch/breakfast.  He was in a rush to get some new regulations tended to.  Regulations that changed this year.  They made new regs … Continue reading

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Left Behind of the Genealogical Kind

After reading a comment from a follower a couple of days ago, I went over to her blog and read her piece about old photos and family memorabilia.  It reminded me of how I got off on this genealogy jag … Continue reading

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May Day! May Day!

Better late than never.  And I’m pretty much sliding into the unfashionable side of “late”. As in really late. I had tucked this pic away and in the chaos of the last week or so, forgot it.  Not due to lack of … Continue reading

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Because everyone else is doing it?

Every hear your mother say, in response, “Well, if everyone else was jumping over a cliff, would you want to too?!!!!” in a very exasperated tone implying that sooner or later you might want to THINK FOR YOURSELF. Oh yeah.  … Continue reading

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