A week late

I’m not sure what happened to this past week but POOF…it’s almost gone!

Mainly, this week was spent cleaning house and working outside. Which means, grandsons were over to help twice this week.  Thank goodness.  We got lots done.  More to go, but that’s for another day next week. I hope.

You can now see the blackberry bushes, everything is mowed and flower beds are slowly but surely reappearing.  Absolutely NOTHING looks normal tho.  The tulips are shriveled up and never bloomed.  Same on the daffodils.  The peonies are weird-looking and I’m not setting the bar very high for them this year.

But…I’m caught up with ironing and vacuuming.  And almost on the laundry.  Yay me!

Why was I so far behind?  One answer. Another cake.  This time a golden anniversary cake.  (Those of you who follow me on Facebook have already seen this one, so move along if you wish.  🙂


A sweet couple who are close family friends, asked me to do a cake for their 50th celebration.  Normally, I try to use elements from the original wedding cake if I can.  And if there’s a photo of it.

Cure cake



They had a photo but it was hard to make out the details.  So roughly followed it as best as I could and winged it for the rest!


This is the first cake that I have “officially” used gum paste roses on, as in for a customer.  They’re a pain to make but I love the finished product!  I gave up on #9 and prayed that 9 roses would work.  They did with some filler posies stuck here and there. 


Not my best scrollwork, but I was going cross-eyed!


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8 Responses to A week late

  1. Dianne says:



  2. heartfelt4 says:

    I am in awe of this, Debbie. It’s absolutely lovely! Your friends must have been thrilled!
    By the way, do you do mail order? Our fortieth is coming up in November…;)


  3. Absolutely stunning!!!


  4. heartfelt4 says:

    Yaaaaa! *starting to clean house* ;D

    Seriously, yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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