Purple petunias

Purple pentunias

I absolutely cannot resist them!  I can smell them a mile away. And no other petunias smell like purple ones.  I have NO idea why, but they don’t.  I’ve sniffed petunias far and wide and only purple petunias have that heavenly smell.

Which made me think of a lady I’ve never met.  That may sound weird, but I’ve read about her and  followed her on Twitter and a dear friend knew her well.  She fought a long battle with cancer and went to be with the Lord this weekend.  I don’t think we ever even had a conversation…maybe a line or two during the New Zealand premiere of The Hobbit. But she was well known and loved among Hobbit fans.

So the heavenly smell reminded me of where she is now.  And instead of letting my petunias languish around the house waiting for me to tend to them, like I usually do, I planted them immediately this afternoon.  They’re now resting and will get some fertilizer tomorrow.

Purple Petunia2

Just think.  I have a Sister in Christ already in Heaven.  That’s a nice thought!

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11 Responses to Purple petunias

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  2. Janine says:

    They are beautiful, a reflection of you and our friend. xo


  3. Suzann coffey says:

    Mine didn’t survive the wind and cold last week. I’m just sick about it but I’ve cut them back and repotted them in hopes I can revive them. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend.


  4. Herba says:

    How thoughtful…well done!


  5. Dear Anna would approve! I love fragrant flowers! I just went and visited my local arboretum’s Lilac’s patch. I Didn’t know Petunia’s were, they remind me of my mother somehow, I’ve adopted purple as my favorite color though its my sister’s and daughter’s really, I may have to find a pot at the garden store, hopefully I can keep it alive


    • The Queen says:

      Ahhh, if you love frangance, see if you can find some “stock”. They come in pink, purple and white and look a bit like a snapdragon. I remember my grandma growing these annuals and they’re not easy to find.


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