Holy Geranium!!!!


Photo courtesy Miz Pat at Valley View Gardens, Cortland, New York.

Y’all remember Pat, the Blueberry lady in New England?  You know the one…she and her husband own a greenhouse and landscaping business, along with their son.

Also she and her sister met me and Frenz in New York City for breakfast/lunch/dinner…yeah, we were at the restaurant THAT long!! And she and her sister, along with dozens of other ladies attended the Anderson Cooper show that featured The Hobbit stars.

Yep, it was quite a weekend but this is the REAL Pat…her greenhouse.  Oh to live 2 miles down the road from her!!!  Heaven on earth!

Just look at her blooms.  A virtual Geranium Utopia! She sent this pic yesterday and I am SO jealous.

Next to Purple Petunias, I adore geraniums.  My great-grandma had rows of them on her front porch.  Geraniums aroma reminds me of her instantly.  She could grow geraniums that would rival Miz Pat’s. I think I remember Mother saying that Grandma Hibler’s geraniums were gorgeous because she poured used tea leaves on them.

Wonder if Miz Pat uses tea leaves on her geraniums?! Those of you who live in the area, stop by and meet her and her posies.  And she’ll be glad to sit down and chat a while because she’s not doing anything else.  Right.

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5 Responses to Holy Geranium!!!!

  1. I love geraniums. From their pungent smell to their durability when summer heats up and then their endurance throughout the cool Fall temperatures. I am particularly fond of the deep red colors.


  2. The Queen says:

    Yeah, they smell…earthy?!! I’m cuckoo for peach geraniums, altho I do plant a couple of pots of red ones with purple petunias and white …uhhh, heck can’t thing of their name…tiny blooms, starts with a “C”?!! Patriotic colors to put at graves of BB’s great-great grandfather who was in the Civil War aka The War of Northern Agression where I come from. 🙂


  3. what a gorgeous picture, I love geraniums, I lost mine to a really bad frost this year, I’ve got some more to try in a pot. xxx


  4. The Queen says:

    Miz Pat’s a pretty good photographer. But then how could you go wrong with subjects like these? 😀


  5. heartfelt4 says:

    Thanks for the plug, Queenie! You are correct that there’s nothing like a geranium for color! Such large blossoms say ‘summer is here!’, although we’ve been fighting frost several nights this week. It’s a nightmare trying to protect so much stock, 90% of which is outside and not in the greenhouses! Memorial day at the end of the month is considered the ‘all clear’ day to plant your annuals locally, but there have been frosts in certain places as late as June and even July!! Speaking of annual flowers with little white blossoms, I thought of ‘allysum’ , but that doesn’t start with ‘c’. ‘Coreopsis’ ? But that’s a perennial…Sorry, I can’t help you, Queenie!


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