Cowboy Wars

It’s that time of year when Big Boss and Company are working cattle.  What does that mean?  They’re giving the cattle checkups to make sure they’re healthy…like checking eyes for infection, noses for…well, snottiness. Sorry. No other way to say it. Vaccinations are given to protect them from multitudes of ailments and pest. Even their feet are analyzed, believe it or not. Temperatures are taken, ear tags checked, hair healthiness noted and bam!  They’re outta there.  Next?

Years ago, I helped with all of this.  I started out helping run the cattle through the lanes, into the circle and finally into the working chute.  I did such a fantastic job that they promoted me an official Shot Giver, mainly due to the fact that I refused to even think about being an official Temperature Taker and the Nose Investigator job was totally out.  That pretty much left shots. I could do that! After all, I was an Candy Striper Alumnus and almost went into nursing.  Totally qualified for giving shots.  On cattle.

Eventually, I cycled out of that job as more cowboys were hired and I took an outside job.

Now…we have PLENTY of cowboys!!  Our grandsons could hardly wait until they “got” to work cattle alongside their Paw!  So yesterday, that’s what the crew was doing.  Running those cattle through the chutes like pros.  After it was all over with, Paw brought them all over here for some peach tea.

I was in the middle of baking birthday cakes but I hustled out there with the tea…and Kake Kwaps…as I have done their jobs before and knew how tired they were/are!


Thankfully, the same work crew had helped me the day before to mow the backyard, trim it, pull weeds, haul them off, clean off the porch so I could power-wash it.


It was extremely nice out so they sat out there drinking their tea and recalling the happenings and mishaps of the day with their cousins and Paw.  An hour later, they were still out there talking but two of the cowboys were tossing a football by then.


As I watched them, I thanked the Lord for the opportunity to watch all of this from my kitchen window.  This was Paw and cowboys time.  They were having a blast!


Big Boss came in a bit ago and said there was war however.  It seems the baby brother of 3 of the cowboys is ticked.  And not just a little bit.  He’s mad because he can’t come over to work cattle.

His dad said that last night he heard arguments ensuing from downstairs.  “You aren’t either.”  “I am too.”  The baby whizzed in to announce to his dad that he was indeed big enough to help because he now weighed 60.1 pounds. Nobody believed him however. He couldn’t possibly weigh that much.

Everyone drifted to their assorted rooms and Baby was missing.  His dad found him in the bathroom standing on the scales with his cheeks obviously stuffed with something.  He asked him what WAS he doing?

Baby answered through his very full mouth, “Ha!  I knew it!  60.5!!!”  His dad now knew where the rest of the cookies went.

I suspect that in the very near future, Baby will be bigger that his 3 older brothers and will be able to spit on top of their heads.  And…help work cattle.

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6 Responses to Cowboy Wars

  1. chmjr2 says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog.


  2. Rachael Herring says:

    What a wonderful experience for the “cowboys” and for you and Big Boss to share. All children and grandparents should be so fortunate. Continue to post these wonderful happenings. Thanks, Rachael


  3. Kitty says:

    Makin’ memories. Priceless. You’ve made me think of the days when I use to ride w/ my Grandpa Arthur to pick up the mail. First we would stop by the post office to get a big leather bag full of out-going mail, then we would drive to the depot where he would climb a pole & hang that leather bag on a hook. Then he & I would go & sit on that board walk of that abandoned old depot and wait, just wait. The train would come by and someone would throw out another leather bag then reach out w/ a hook & lift that leather bag off the pole that Grandpa Arthur had hung. He & I would walk up the track to find the bag that was thrown from the train and drive it back to the post office. I wouldn’t take anything in the world for the memories of those days when Grandpa made me feel special. Your little men will always remember the days when Paw let them be part of his life.

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