Smaller is Better?

I tried.  I really did.  The plan was perfect.  Scale everything down. Instead of 10″, make it 8″.  Instead of 8″, make it 6″.  Instead of 6″, make it 4″.


Sounded good.  But then…I needed more height on the 8″ tier so I added another layer.  And torted them, then filled them with peanut butter filling.

Same thing with the 6″ tier, except I didn’t torte them. Perfect height.

The 4″ tier was 2 layers.

Nope, I wasn’t going to stack them. Each tier was  a separate cake.  Definitely a different take.

And…the birthday boy had insisted he needed a rhinoceros AND a lion on his cake, but especially the rhino.


Let me just say right up front…there is NO such thing as a CUTE rhino.  And certainly not one you could buy, as in plastic.  So, that meant I had to concoct something that would pass as a rhino.  And I would also mention that sculpting items out of the fondant/gumpaste/modeling chocolate is NOT my specialty.


But, as mentioned before, the challenge was on.  I googled “cute rhino”, “cartoon rhino”, “baby rhino”…I covered them all. I found rhinos that had one horn…birthday boy specifically mentioned TWO horns and of course, he was right!  I found purple rhinos, pink rhinos, grey rhinos…I found rhinos smiling, grinning, smirking and roaring.  Good grief. This was going to harder than I imagined!!!!

I finally settled on one rhino and adjusted him a bit.  Or maybe it was a “her”?  Who knows?

I really did try to simplify and reduce and minimize the design.  I failed. Miserably.

The birthday boy could have cared less.  The rhino had his complete attention.  For about 5 seconds and then he was OFF!! To chase his cousin. To grab something to eat. To dance to his new musical road grader truck thingamajig.  I don’t think he ever slowed down long enough to eat any cake although he did blow out the 4 candles!!


Maybe next time I will do better.  : ) The birthday boy’s family will be eating chocolate, lemon and red velvet well into next month.  Just sayin’.

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7 Responses to Smaller is Better?

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    That is one cute cake trio! And I would say that your fondant skills do fall into the specialty category! The rhino and lion are adorable! That’s what I would love the most! Clay lessons, when I taught, were always my favorite! Maybe that’s what I need to do when I retire! Hire out to a baker to sculpt fondant! 🙂


  2. Jana Rima says:

    Oh…you are so talented…..many years from now the kids will look at those pictures and be even more amazed of how gifted you are/were….need you write your own book or make a DVD of making them (don’t know how you would do that and make the cake..Haha)…here I am sitting and typing to you and you are worn out from your work..Haha..know you don’t need another thing to do…but we all so enjoy seeing your new creations of cakes…God has truly Blessed You!!


  3. The Queen says:

    OK, so Nancy can come and assist with sculpting and you can film the hysterics!!? Thanks. I needed to be reminded that creating is a blessing. 🙂


  4. radhika25 says:

    Lovely cakes and adorable animals. Lucky little 4 year old!!!!


  5. The Queen says:

    Appreciate your kind remarks…up next… a puppy cake. Cleaning up the mess from a golf birthday cake. And I wonder why my kitchen is always a mess….


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