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Genealogical Puzzles, Patterns and Confusion

I’ll bet you thought I had forgotten to finish this.  You’re partly right.  “Forgot” wouldn’t exactly be the right word…more like “snowed under”…with no snow but wheat harvest and cakes and another harvest…well anyway, I thought I’d best get on … Continue reading

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Cakes and other stuff

OK, so besides chasing around after combines and tractors…and grands…cakes have been a priority. SO here are the latest creations, in case you care. The first one was ordered by a friend who wanted me to do a cake on … Continue reading

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Yay. It’s summer.

I can’t decide if I’m glad or sad it’s summer on the plains. The winds have been absolutely relentless.  Every day. All day.  I need to spray weeds but that ain’t happening.  Maybe not till December. And the chaos has … Continue reading

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All Paths Lead to the…

PLAYHOUSE!!!! I can now scratch off Numero Once…that’s 11 in Español… off my “I Want” list. Altho some of that list has been amazingly enough, scratched off already.   For instance… The iPad was purchased not too long after I made the … Continue reading

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Catching my breath!

First things first…and that would be grands.  And then gardens. Irises, clematis, daylilies, roses, sweet rocket, peonies…all glorious and fantastic. That means watering, fertilizing, dead-heading, weeding, repotting… Which reminds me…daylight’s a burning.  What with Big Boss, sons and grandsons working cattle, … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale of Cabbage Juice, a Brush and Barbecue

You know you can find and read some really wacked out stuff on the internet.  Like the time Big Boss had a tummy ache and found a cure online.  Yep, the sure cure was cabbage juice.  It made sense though.  … Continue reading

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Pink Playful Puppy Post

Yeah.  Say that 3 times in a row! So this: became this: Then it all came together into this: and this:   Then it all traveled 12 miles on bumpy, dirt country roads and survived!  And the birthday girl was … Continue reading

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