Catching my breath!

Boys Day Out...looking for worms, I assume?!

Boys Day Out…looking for worms, I assume?!


Girls Day Out…stirring up some mud pies.

imageFirst things first…and that would be grands.  And then gardens. Irises, clematis, daylilies, roses, sweet rocket, peonies…all glorious and fantastic. That means watering, fertilizing, dead-heading, weeding, repotting…

Sweet Rocket..or that's what the friend who gave me a start of these called them.

Sweet Rocket..or that’s what the friend who gave me a start of these called them.

Which reminds me…daylight’s a burning.  What with Big Boss, sons and grandsons working cattle, mowing fields, planting feed, I can’t be caught sitting around drinking my coffee, smelling the roses, listening to the birds…or can I? 😀

Beauty Bush

Beauty Bush

White peony

White peony


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4 Responses to Catching my breath!

  1. Penny M. says:

    Your flowers are beautiful! Let’s have Christyfest at your house next year so we can all see your garden. I’m sure if we search hard enough we can find a Kansas connection.


  2. heartfelt4 says:

    All your hard work has certainly paid off, Queenie! Your flowers look lovely! Want a job? 🙂


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